Evaluation of Hitachi Inverter Water Pump WM-P400GX: Is it expensive to "slice it"? - VnReview

Evaluation of Hitachi Inverter Water Pump WM-P400GX: Is it expensive to "slice it"? – VnReview

As a product of the high-end segment of the brand from Japan, the Hitachi WM-P400GX Inverter has a number of outstanding strengths both in design and performance, bringing superior benefits to users. .

Water is an indispensable thing in every household's life, it can be confirmed. From irrigation, breeding to family activities, all jobs need water. However, when the population density is increasing, the water must be shared among many people, which obviously leads to a weak water force, while the household has many output devices, which is when we need to booster water pump.

Today, VnReview had the opportunity to experience and evaluate the high-end product of Hitachi's WM-P400GX turbocharging water pump, a famous household brand from Japan.

The "stainless" design is the key to ensure durable operation

As a product in the high-end segment, the design – something that the pump brands often overlook – has been carefully cared for by Hitachi on WM-P400GX. When buying any home appliance, consumers want the product to have as long a life as possible.

Choose gray as the main color, external details such as WM-P400GX pump body, suction, push and pump are all made of stainless steel, making it possible to operate in many other weather conditions. each other without being corroded, degraded over time, as well as enduring before the impact of external forces.

The suction and pushing head of the machine is coated with a copper coating, which not only helps to create a highlight of the design but also increases durability and antioxidant because copper plating has higher adhesion than other plating grades.

Control panel helps to monitor and customize pump operation

Electronic control panel is a very remarkable point on WM-P400GX. It allows users to monitor the current water pressure, while switching the pump's operating mode. If the water capacity is constantly changing, the automatic (auto) mode will adjust to balance the pressure, or the user has two options: normal pressure and high pressure. All modes are easy to convert with just one click. This is also where incidents are reported if the operation of the machine is malfunctioning.

Hitachi's components are carefully cared for by the Hitachi to extend the life of the product. Pump wings and chambers are specially designed in the form of block and seamless shaft and made of high quality materials, suitable for continuous operating conditions for many hours, minimizing the possibility of deformed wings due to pressure and eliminating the screeching sound like other wings or plastic wings.

High-end components maximize the life of the product

WM-P400GX engine is a brushless DC type sealed inside the aluminum case to enhance the heat dissipation effect and limit noise. According to Hitachi, the brushless motor helps WM-P400GX to have larger water flow than conventional engines.

The brush motor after a period of use will wear brushless, resulting in more power and less power than a brushless motor. Plus significantly smaller in size, the introduction of brushless DC motors is a breakthrough, comparable to the importance of Li-Po batteries replacing Li-ion on smartphones.

Inverter, or "inverter technology" is a feature commonly found in high-end household products, helping the device operate smoothly and save power.

Another technology that we only see on pumps (and many high-end home appliances) is Inverter or "inverter technology". On the WM-P400GX, the Inverter system ensures that the engine operates at a speed along with actual flow pressure, combined with brushless DC motors to significantly improve efficiency and save energy compared to machines. conventional pump.

The pressure tank is absolutely anti-rust, does not require gas loading, helps the pump to maintain stable pressure

Pressure tanks, commonly used for the purpose of storing energy and regulating the pressure balance in the pump system are also noted by Hitachi on WM-P400GX. The tank is filled with nitrogen gas, plated with three layers of anti-rust and lined with a rubber film, without direct contact with the water, so it absolutely does not rust during the service life and the user does not need to load the gas. , help pressure switch always work properly and increase pump life.

The duo of heat sensors and water sensors ensure outstanding safety during use

WM-P400GX is equipped with two relays: the temperature sensor measures the water temperature / machine temperature, and the water sensor checks the input. When the water is too hot or no water is in, the relays will cause the pump to stop working, and display errors on the electronic control panel so that users can see and overcome, avoiding the situation of deformed components. due to temperature or even fire, electric shock.

At 437x350x407 mm (wide, tall and long), the WM-P400GX is significantly more compact than other turbochargers. According to Hitachi, this is due to inverter technology and precision pressure sensors, allowing them to remove unnecessary components to save space and make it easier for users to install in any location. .

Practical experience

Evaluating Hitachi WM-P400GX pump, VnReview will focus on the most outstanding features of the product: suction force, water pressure regulation and operational efficiency (noise, power consumption, .. .) of brushless DC motor and Inverter system. All of them will be assessed by direct sense, combined with specialized measuring tools.

Because the test conditions do not allow, we cannot check the maximum water source depth that the machine can pump. In theory, WM-P400GX can absorb water at a maximum depth of 8 meters and push up to 20 meters high, suitable for users living in high-rise villas or mini-hotels that need to use large water sources. and stable.

Water pressure When experiencing the actual three-way exhaust system, the water output of the machine is strong and stable. As announced by the company, this pump can operate efficiently with the number of seven exhaust nozzles simultaneously.

To measure the ability to adjust the water pressure of the machine, the test system of VnReview equipped with pressure gauges. When opening all three exhaust nozzles, the water pressure is almost zero, the amount of water released in all three taps is very uniform, if there is a discrepancy it cannot be recognized by the naked eye.

Continued testing with a closed tap, the pressure gauge immediately increased. The water on the other two taps is also stronger, but they increase evenly. This shows that the WM-P400GX Inverter system has worked effectively, as expected.

Finally with two closed nozzles, the water pressure has increased significantly but the machine still handles well. The water output was larger but did not increase dramatically, there was no phenomenon of strong jerks or water splashes.

Electric usedWe use a dedicated power meter, which consumes the most power when there is only one open tap, which is when the Inverter system must work the hardest. At that time, the machine consumes 720-726W, compared to about 453W when opening all three taps. Run the machine for about an hour with all three open nozzles, WM-P400GX consumes 0.47 power numbers, very good for a 400W pump.

Power consumption of 720-726W oscillator when using 1 tap

453W oscillator power when using 3 taps

Test test works continuously for 1 hour, the machine consumes 0.47 electricity when opening 3 taps

About noise When observing reality, the machine operates smoothly, does not cause loud noise even when operating at maximum capacity. This is important if you put the pump near the family's living area and not be bothered by the engine noise when the machine is operating.


Housed in Hitachi's high-end pumps, the WM-P400GX converges just about everything you can expect from a modern pump. It has a beautiful, durable design, equipped with high-end components for long life. Inverter system works effectively as expected, pressure is well balanced and saves power, and many other advantages that users can exploit in this device. Not only WM-P400GX, currently, in the market, the price of inverter booster pump is quite high, not easily accessible to most Vietnamese consumers, but no one can deny the value that it carries. In the long run, an investment you will not have to regret.

Hoan Dang

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