Evaluation of Electrolux steam oven EOB8857AAX: Bringing the culinary experience to new heights - VnReview

Evaluation of Electrolux steam oven EOB8857AAX: Bringing the culinary experience to new heights – VnReview

Located in the high-end segment with many convenient features, Electrolux steam oven EOB8857AAX promises to bring culinary experiences that you never knew, right in your home.

For Vietnamese households, an oven is still a household item that is often underestimated, due to the "fast food out" mentality. Not only is it economically costly, "eating" also has potential problems such as improper food, shops too far away … Therefore, with wise consumers, invest in an oven that is gradually becoming a more favorite choice.

However, choosing home appliances to suit your needs has never been a simple task, especially in the high-end segment. For an oven, the question is, where are you willing to "pay" for the best culinary experience. Electrolux, a brand that has been confirmed for quality, has the answer for you. That's VND 51.9 million (reference price), with Electrolux oven steam heat Electrolux EOB8857AAX.

Luxurious and sophisticated design

The first impression, the Electrolux CombiSteam EOB8857AAX is a streamlined design with two black-gray tones, very easy to combine with the kitchen space. Design details such as doors, handles, control panel area are square, combined with fingerprint-resistant stainless steel material that gives the product a luxurious, high-class look.

The oven has a capacity of up to 70 liters, but because it is a negative oven, fixed in the kitchen cabinet and we will only see the front of the oven so the product still looks neat, not bulky. This is also the reason that the sides of the furnace look very simple.

The control panel system of the Electrolux CombiSteam EOB8857AAX is completely touch-sensitive, without physical buttons. The control panel's sensitivity is very good, almost inferior to the touch screen on smartphones. In the middle of the control panel is an electronic screen that displays parameters such as temperature, timer, setting mode, etc. The functions and buttons of the board are very intuitive, easy to see, but not Vietnamese but only English is available, so older users may find it difficult to fully understand the operation of the oven. In addition, the manual of the oven is not Vietnamese.

Next to the control panel is the tray that leads to the water tank, not only for steam baking but also for cleaning the oven chamber. The product is equipped with a Steam Cleaning steam cleaning feature that makes the inside of the oven easier to clean, users no longer have to worry about stubborn grease stains. When the water tank is full, the control panel will display the message "Full tank water, please stop filling" (when the water tank is full, please do not add water), when the water runs out, the message "Tank empty" (Binh contains empty water) and you need to add water to the tray.

Protection inside the furnace chamber is a very heavy-duty glass door with 4 layers of glass, ensuring absolute safety when using but users can easily observe the operation of the oven. With Electrolux's exclusive VelvetClosing technology, the door is powered in both open and closed directions, ensuring both product durability and ease of use. Although I used all my strength to slam the oven door, VelvetClosing will automatically stop and the door is gently closed.

In practical use, during the baking process, when I touch the glass door, I still feel certain heat, and because the temperature in the oven can reach hundreds of degrees Celsius when using, I recommend people Absolutely do not let children close to the oven area, or at least turn on Child Lock lock feature.

In the glass door side of the inner chamber is a series of images to "remind" what kind of food the user should put into the drawer, tray to be optimal, very thoughtful and convenient.

Inside the Electrolux steam oven, EOB8857AAX is enamelled, so cleaning the grease traces after use is no longer a hard work. Electrolux's Ultrafan Plus integrated fan system is located on the opposite side of the large sized oven door, ensuring the temperature is evenly spread throughout the furnace chamber.

The left edge and the top edge of the furnace compartment are two lights, giving soft light, just enough to monitor the condition of the food. The light will turn on when the oven door is opened and during cooking.

The oven comes with a lot of accessories, including 5 trays, shelves for various purposes such as baking, baking meat, defrosting food … In addition, we also have two sliders to fit on the sides of the oven. Grilling, making it easier to place / take large sized foods in / out of the oven.

Many advanced and convenient features

Speaking of baked goods, it can be said that the food is dry, even burning due to baking for too long is the "nightmare" of anyone. Not only is the dish no longer delicious, nutrients are also destroyed, and you waste your time and effort in vain. This is also the reason many people prefer to go out to eat, with confidence in the "skills" of those stores.

But with the EOB8857AAX Electrolux steam oven, this is almost impossible. Equipped with CombiSteam steam baking technology, the dishes will always ripen and crisp, not only delicious but also "delicious"; The food is not dry, malnourished but always has a moderate moisture. This recipe is good for health, especially for those who want to maintain healthy eating habits.

CombiSteam features three modes to choose from: Steaming Full Steam steamed food, approx. 100 degrees Celsius, combined half-baked, half-steamed Half Steam + Heat with a maximum oven temperature of 130 degrees Celsius , and Quarter Steam + Heat with the highest heat level of 210 degrees Celsius. Electrolux's dishes that are suitable for any mode are specified in the instruction manual, but because the book does not have Vietnamese language, the user needs special Note to not select the wrong mode. Also, when the grill is finished, the steam will radiate a lot, especially Full Steam mode, not being careful will cause burns.

Talking about how to process, even if it is the same food, each person has different tastes: people who like to cook well, who like to re-medium (medium rare) so that food has softness and succinctness cannot resist. . Understand that, the EOB8857AAX Electrolux oven is equipped with an intelligent Food Probe. This sensor rod is capable of adjusting the smart temperature, automatically disconnects the oven when the internal temperature of the food has reached the preset level, making your dish "standard without correction", suitable for needs of everyone.

To ensure the food is cooked evenly, the convection fan system Ultrafan Plus on the grill also helps spread heat throughout the cooking chamber, so no matter where you put the food, every corner of it is cooked. as expected.

In addition, Electrolux is also very attentive when it comes to integrating smart menu VarioGuide with 180 pre-installed items, meeting almost all cooking needs of users. After choosing a dish, setting the desired time, you just need to relax and wait for your food to be prepared, very simple and convenient.

The final stage after every party that nobody wants is to clean the oven. With many oil stains, grease adhering to the walls of the furnace, cleaning and cleaning is often very difficult. However, with the Steam Cleaning steam cleaning feature, the inside of the furnace will be heated in combination with steam, and after the process is complete, the grease traces are almost gone, and you just need to wipe one turn and finish.

Practical experience

Oven evaluation Electrolux CombiSteam EOB8857AAX, VnReview will focus on the most outstanding features of the product are Combi Steam combined baking and steaming, and the Food Probe heat sensor. Processing and results will be assessed by our direct sense, combined with specialized measuring tools.

First, we cooked a spicy marinated chicken drumstick through CombiSteam's Quarter Steam + Heat mode. Because the amount of food is not so much, we only set the time to 30 minutes with a temperature of 180 degrees C, you will have to change this number based on the type of material and quantity as in the manual.

During the baking process, we can clearly see that the pieces of meat are cooked evenly from all four sides, with the succulent look "delicious". You should be aware that with Quarter Steam + Heat, the dish still has a certain amount of crispness, but it will not be as good as the regular heat mode.

The meat is eye-catching yellow, ripe and juicy

After the baking process, using specialized electric measuring tools, the oven consumes 0.597 electricity. At the beginning of the baking cycle, we found that electricity consumption was pushed up, maintained at 3,000W, but when the meat was essentially ripe, consumption decreased to only about 100W.

Next, we tested the Full Steam steam absorption feature with mixed vegetables. As mentioned above, the maximum heat level of this mode is approximately 100 degrees Celsius, and the amount of time will depend on the amount of food. Here, we leave the default level to 30 minutes.

Vegetables before steaming …

Since Full Steam mode only uses steam, we cannot monitor the internal steaming process due to steam covering the oven glass part. As a result, the vegetables are well cooked: succulent, beautiful colors, even for long-cooked dishes like corn.

… And this is the result!

Putting aside the vegetables, we decided to "reward" ourselves with whole-baked chicken. The mode we choose is still Quarter Steam + Heat, but the time is pushed up to 50 minutes so that the whole chicken is cooked.

Chicken is cooked evenly, with yellow color and impressive tension

Checking the electric meter, the oven consumed 1.51 electricity for this grill. Considering the large capacity of the oven, this is the number we think is reasonable.

Finally, in order to experience the Food Probe heat sensor and the Vario Guide integrated menu of the oven, we prepared a steak beef steak. After placing the Food Probe stick in the middle of the meat, we choose Roast Beef -> Rare with the heat sensor stick symbol in the Vario Guide. Instead of having a time to choose, when using Food Probe, you will choose the desired heat for your food. When the temperature sensing rod senses that the food temperature has reached, the oven will automatically turn off. For this dish, the oven automatically selects 210 degrees C.

As a result, the inside of the meat has a distinctive red color of the flesh while the outside is an eye-catching brown color; The meat is very soft and succulent, the quality can be said to be not inferior to the high-class restaurants.

Checking the electric meter, due to making beef steak, the baking process takes place only for about 15 minutes, consuming 0.14 electricity.


As a product in the high-end segment, EOB8857AAX Electrolux steam oven really meets all the expectations that I set. The grill features CombiSteam steam is especially useful, not only helps the food look attractive but also retains full nutrition.

The biggest drawback of the product is that it is difficult to reach the majority of Vietnamese households, and the manual and the control panel do not have Vietnamese. But in the end, the EOB8857AAX Electrolux oven is still a high-end product and it's really for those who value culinary beauty more than anything else.

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