Evaluation of Daikin air conditioners FTKM25SVMV: Testing Daikin's "specialties" in reality - VnReview
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Evaluation of Daikin air conditioners FTKM25SVMV: Testing Daikin’s “specialties” in reality – VnReview

Today, VnReview will conduct a practical measurement of refrigeration technologies and solutions, creating comfort in use such as moisture balance, airflow, operating noise and power savings of the regulator. Japan Daikin top draw.

The product we experience is Daikin FTKM25SVMV model of cooling capacity of 1HP (8,500 BTU) currently priced at VND 15.59 million (according to the reference price on Dien May Xanh). This is a one-way air conditioner using Inverter technology introduced as “maximum comfort and optimal power saving” thanks to the equipped with many “specialties” of Daikin technology such as powerful, quick and powerful cooling. Hybrid Cooling, Coanda air flow, quiet operation mode in both indoor and outdoor units, ability to filter dust, deodorize power, optimize power saving thanks to exclusive Swing compressor and smart eye.

Daikin FTKM25SVMV of 1HP capacity

To evaluate the actual effectiveness of these technologies and solutions, we installed the Daikin FTKM25SVMV in a 17-square-meter room, slightly larger than the manufacturer’s recommended product area (less than 15 meters). square) and attic in a 5-storey house in Ha Dong District, Hanoi. Practical assessments include cooling rates, humidity and noise control, and power consumption. These are all the most important factors to evaluate and choose the air conditioner today.

Powerful mode for fast cooling

Daikin air conditioning FTKM25SVMV is equipped with a powerful quick cooling function, which allows the machine to be operated at maximum capacity right after activation. Thus, we will have a cool feeling, easy to breathe in a short time.

The ambient temperature before turning on the air conditioner was 35.5 degrees Celsius.

Reality: We tested turning on the Powerful quick cooling mode in the early afternoon when the ambient temperature was 35.5 degrees C. In this mode, the machine ran at full capacity and blew out the wind very strongly. The wind speed measured in Powerful mode is 3.2 meters per second, stronger than the highest wind speed in Cool mode of 2.9 meters / second.

The wind speed in Powerful mode is 3.2 meters per second

The highest wind speed in Cool mode is 2.9 meters per second

Therefore, the room temperature drops very quickly, to 27 degrees C after only 15 minutes. After 20 minutes, the room temperature drops to nearly 26 degrees Celsius and the air conditioner switches off the Powerful mode to normal Cool mode.

After 15 minutes of turning on the Powerful mode, the room temperature drops to 27 degrees Celsius

Powerful mode will turn off and switch to normal Cool mode after about 20 minutes.

Although the air conditioner blows strongly in Powerful mode, Daikin’s Coanda airflow does not hit straight to the annoying person, but goes up to the ceiling and spreads to the room thanks to the crooked mask design. on. Daikin said it has applied the scientific phenomenon of Coanda’s airflow to the air intake design of air conditioners. Coanda is a flow of gases or liquids that will flow in the direction the surface is curved. This phenomenon explains why aircraft can fly in the air.

Image illustrating the Coanda wind flow of the air conditioner Daikin (photo source: Daikin).

Humidity control with Hybrid Cooling technology

The weather in Vietnam is generally hot and humid. May humidity can be up to 85% in Hanoi and many Northern areas in general. High humidity is an ideal environment for mold and bacteria, causing respiratory illness, object damage, and also consuming electricity.

FTKM25SVMV uses Hybrid Cooling technology to adjust the humidity to about 55-65% at the set temperature. This is the optimal moisture level, feels comfortable and limits respiratory diseases as well as moldy indoor furniture.

Reality: We use a hygrometer to measure the humidity during turning on the air conditioner. During the test period, the humidity in the Ha Dong and Hanoi areas remained high, over 80%. This combined with hot weather makes the air hot and stuffy.

During the test, the ambient humidity in the test area is often above 80%.

After turning on the air conditioner, the humidity in the room decreases rapidly along with the decrease in temperature and maintains stability at 55% to 65%, sometimes increasing to 67% depending on the set temperature. This is a moisture level that feels good and doesn’t dry out.

Humidity during turning on the air conditioner often maintained at 55-65%.

Noise when operating

Noise of air conditioner when operating is what many people are interested in, especially when used at night. Noise level index can be viewed by the user on machine parameters. According to the specifications on the product, the Daikin FTKM25SVMV has noise levels ranging from 19dB, 26dB and 33dB, respectively to the low, medium and high fan levels, and the outdoor unit’s noise level is 43dB. However, this is the index given by the company in the soundproof room condition, also known as the ideal condition.

The environmental noise level while the air conditioner is not on (left) and the indoor unit noise level (right) is in quiet operation mode.

Reality: The operation noise level of indoor and outdoor units of air conditioner is also quite close to the manufacturer’s announcement. When running in quiet operation mode designed for night use, the noise level of Daikin FTKM25SVMV outdoor and indoor units only increases to 3dB. Specifically, in the indoor unit, the noise level increased slightly by 33dB compared to the ambient noise level without air conditioning of 30dB. While outside the outdoor unit, the noise level when operating the air conditioner also increased to 43dB compared to the environmental noise level of 41dB. The fan mode is high or Powerful, the noise will increase by a few dB depending on the mode.

Ambient noise outside the outdoor unit (left) and outdoor unit noise level when quiet operation mode (right) is on.

With such a low noise, users only hear the sound of breeze at night. In the hot department, you can be assured not to cause discomfort to your neighbors or when installing the heater near the work area indoors. Compared to other brands we have experienced, Daikin’s air conditioners run quieter than those of LG and Panasonic.

Power saving features

To evaluate the electricity saving capacity of air conditioners, we can rely on the energy star index checked by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the CSPF (Cooling Seasonal Performance Factor). Most inverter air conditioners now have a 5 star power rating. Therefore, we should rely on the CSPF index to evaluate. The higher the CSPF, the better the power saving capability. Air conditioner FTKM25SVMV has CSPF 7.4, which is very high today.

This Daikin’s air conditioner achieves a 5 star energy star index and CSPF 7.4 rating

To achieve such a high CSPF is Daikin using inverter inverter motor with Swing compressor technology instead of conventional rotary compressor for Inverter technology. Instead of using springs to circulate refrigerant (cold gas) like conventional rotary compressors, Daikin’s Swing compressors are monolithic design, gentle rotary movement significantly reduces friction and vibration. when operating, reduce refrigerant leakage when in use.

The model shows the difference between conventional rotary compressors and Swing compressors on Daikin air conditioners.

As a result, Swing compressors help save costs and operate smoothly. Compressor is the heart of the air conditioner because it is the refrigerant transport unit in the system. This part consumes the most power and emits the most sound. Swing compressors are Daikin proprietary technologies. Daikin air conditioners are well known for their energy saving thanks to this technology.

Reality: How does this conditioner consume electricity? As mentioned above, we installed the Daikin FTKM25SVMV in a 17-square-meter attic room and measured power consumption at different time frames throughout the day.

Ambient temperature of 35.4 d before 2 hours of time of electricity consumption measurement.

The time we experienced was the first week of May 2020, right on the first peak heat wave in the North. Specifically, after 2 hours of turning on the air conditioner in the afternoon with very hot ambient temperature of 35.4 degrees Celsius and the temperature set on the air conditioner is 26 degrees Celsius in Cool mode, the machine consumes all 0.9 electric number (0.9 KWh).

After 2 hours, the device consumes nearly 1KWh in outdoor weather conditions very hot, above 35 degrees C.

As for the cooler night time frame, after 8 hours turn on the air conditioner overnight with an ambient temperature of about 30 degrees Celsius and the temperature set on the air conditioner 26 degrees C in Cool mode, the machine consumes more than 1 number Electricity (1 KWh), very economical. However, readers also note that the power consumption will depend greatly on the set temperature difference with the ambient temperature, the higher the difference, the more costly and vice versa. So, when the sky is not too hot, you can rest assured to turn on all night and not consume significant electricity.

When the ambient temperature is only about 30 degrees, the machine consumes more than 1KWh of electricity after 8 hours of running

The eye of intelligence

Besides Swing compressors, Daikin also has another power saving feature built into the indoor unit, “Smart Eye”.

The indoor unit is equipped with an infrared sensor that detects the movement of people in a room in a room. If there is no movement for 20 minutes, the device will automatically adjust the setting temperature to 2 degrees and decrease by 2 degrees if a person is detected to help save more power.

When the “intelligent eye” mode is turned on, the light on the indoor unit icon lights up.

Reality: We noticed that the Daikin FTKM25SVMV has increased by nearly 2 degrees Celsius after 20 minutes of “air eye” of the air conditioner detected no occupants in the room. Specifically, the room temperature has increased from 24.4 degrees C to 26.9 degrees C after 20 minutes we leave the room.

Room temperature when someone is in the room is 24.4 degrees C.

After 20 minutes without a room, the air conditioner automatically raises the room temperature to 26.9 degrees Celsius.

However, it should be noted that the position of the occupant must be within the scanning range of the infrared sensor. .

Video of Daikin FTKM25SVMV experience process


Daikin FTKM25SVMV impresses well in practical use. The air conditioner has the ability to cool quickly within 20 minutes with Powerful mode, good humidity control to bring comfort when using, running smoother than the air conditioner of other brands in the corresponding fan mode and operation. is also very good power saving, especially “smart eye” feature will automatically adjust the temperature increase when the room is empty to reduce unnecessary power consumption.

Besides, two more details should be mentioned in Daikin FTKM25SVMV which is the function to protect the motherboard when the voltage changes and the Microchannel radiator is used. The Microchannel radiator on Daikin air conditioners is made up of aluminum alloy fins connected to parallel microprocessors to increase heat transfer and reduce corrosion compared to conventional fins.

In addition, this air conditioner also has the option to allow users to install PM2.5 fine dust filter and adapter connected to smartphone via D-mobile application to control the air conditioner remotely. However, this is an option that users must purchase separately. We will continue to have a separate review on dust filtration efficiency as well as D-Mobil control experience of Daikin air conditioners in the upcoming articles.


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