Evaluation of Asus ROG Strix Scope keyboard: "a parcel" for gamers FPS - VnReview

Evaluation of Asus ROG Strix Scope keyboard: "a parcel" for gamers FPS – VnReview

From design, features or even names, Asus ROG Strix Scope is aimed at those who love shooting games, especially those who "try hard" never accept standing in position. second place.

In April last year, Asus officially unveiled ROG Strix Scope mechanical keyboard, commercial version of ROG Strix CTRL, which it introduced at CES 2019 technology show earlier this year. Based on Asus Xccurate Design design, the highlight of ROG Strix Scope is the Control key (CTRL) with double the normal cross section, along with smaller left Windows key for faster and more accurate gaming experience.

Design: Born for FPS gamers

Like other products in the ROG ecosystem, ROG Strix Scope's design is taken care of very carefully by Asus. The plate made of aluminum feels sturdy, with about 30% of the scratched area looking quite fancy, while the rest is covered with matte finish. As a full-size keyboard (104 keys), the size of ROG Strix Scope is quite small, plus a "weight" of only 1.07kg, so gamers can easily carry "conquest" anytime anywhere.

The lower left corner of the keyboard is the Republic of Gamers, while the upper right corner is the glowing ROG logo that can be customized, so ROG's "teammates" can recognize each other very easily whenever they fight outside. … net shop. Unfortunately, ROG Strix Scope does not have an armrest, so after long use, gamers may get tired at the wrist.

ROG Strix Scope's keycap is raised against the key surface, a popular design in gaming mechanical keyboard lines. This design is gamer-rich, allowing more LED light to emit, but in return, dirt is easier to penetrate. To extend life, users need to clean periodically, as well as avoid placing products near dusty, moldy places.

The 4-key WASD keybox comes with a keypuller

Keycap of ROG Strix Scope made of ABS plastic, double-layer (doubleshot) characters with "ROG fonts" that we have seen on other ROG mechanical keyboards: large, square font size. As a person with a lot of hand sweat, ABS keycap is a "little sadness" for writers when this material is more sweaty and tends to be shiny after long-term use even though it is cheaper and easier to produce than PBT keycap. Asus also included the silver WASD keycap kit, which is very eye-catching.

ROG Strix Scope has a very interesting feature, which helps you divide Quick-Toggle Switch "study and play". When activated by pressing the Function key (FN) and Insert key, the key sequence from F5 to F12 will change to media keys (start, pause, increase or decrease the volume, …) or return as transmission system when you press again. In particular, the F12 key also acts as a "Stealth key", just one click, all tasks on the computer will be hidden, and turn off the volume completely. For example, when you are watching a movie "there and there" but someone suddenly comes into the room, ROG's Stealth key Strix Scope will be the "savior".

Large-size Control key – a design highlight of ROG Strix Scope – really works as expected. Although it took me a short time to get acquainted, the shooter experience had a certain improvement when I could get the Control key out easier to control, especially if the wrong pressing of the Windows key was not still.

The ROG Strix Scope's bottom surface has two tunnels that make your angle more neat and tidy. Crossed plastic roads and rubber feet allow the keyboard to stay firmly on the table, not shifted when used. The connecting wire of ROG Strix Scope is sturdy, though the gold-plated USB connector is not rusty over time, but unfortunately is just a wire, not a detachable cord like many other keyboards.

Good typing experience, diverse switches for all needs

ROG Strix Scope uses Cherry's Cherry MX switch, a reputable manufacturer from Germany. Cherry MX can be said to be the most popular switch today, stretching across many mid-to high-end products with a lifetime of up to 50 million clicks. By default, ROG Strix Scope is equipped with a Cherry MX Red switch, which is a linear switch (not available – tactile) with a force of 45g, 2mm key pick-up point, 4mm key operation.

Cherry MX Red is suitable for gamers who need to work with high speed but still want to limit the noise caused to not affect those around. Besides Cherry MX Red, ROG Strix Scope also has other options such as Cherry MX Brown (brown), Blue (blue), Black (black), Speed ​​Silver (silver) and Silent Red (red like Red but good noise reduction) more), very diverse for all purposes of users.

The version of VnReview uses the default MX Red switch. Real experience, ROG Strix Scope feels good typing, evenly pressing keys, still causes certain noises when typing but does not cause discomfort to the next person.

Eye-catching LED lights, the software is not really impressive

Today, if it comes to "gaming keyboard", the RGB backlight is an indispensable feature. It helps your work space and gaming become "more glamorous", or simply help you work better at night.

ROG Strix Scope's backlight has good brightness, housing part is made of transparent plastic with high keycap so the light overflow looks very eye-catching. Big, bold fonts also help light penetrate keycap more. The default backlight modes are not too diverse, but you can set them up the way you want. This keyboard also supports Asus Aura Sync technology, so if you have many other ROG products, such as mice, headsets, … you can sync their backlighting very easily.

Armor's custom backlight interface II

However, Armor II, ROG Strix Scope's control software is what makes me really unhappy. Customizing the background is easy, intuitive, so the macro setting is confusing, so hard to understand, that I decided to give up and not use the macro feature anymore. Fortunately, the keyboard allows setting up macros using keyboard shortcuts, you might consider if it is difficult to use the same software as me.

Interface for setting up macros


Who is this keyboard for? Those who love shooting games, like PUBG, Apex Legends or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Those who love a keyboard with a bold design, compact enough to carry "conquer" wherever you go. Those are the people who already own another series of ROG products, and want to add a new keyboard to their collection. But if you are not among them, perhaps you should consider adding other options to make the right decision, in accordance with your usage needs.


+ Beautiful design, sturdy

+ Good typing feeling

+ Beautiful light background, many customization

+ Large Control key, Stealth key are interesting points


– There is no arm rest

– Keycap ABS easily adheres to sweat and shine after long time of use

– Software is not really impressive

Hoan Dang

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