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Evaluating Toy Story 4: Never big enough to stop watching cartoons

I have a strong belief in Pixar's animated film that is the concept "every movie Pixar makes is nice or". Not only the image is characteristic, super beautiful, but the content is also full of affection, suitable for children and adults. And Toy Story is no exception, especially part 4 is being shown in theaters.

Note: There will be a little spoiled movie content in the article, if you have not watched the movie, you can skip this article.

-This article is for you who have watched the movie

Toy Story has been Pixar's most animated film since 1995 – 1999 for part 2, until 2010 for season 3 and 2019 for part 4. The plot focuses on toys at Andy's house with Woody – the cowboy scene. The killer is also the favorite Andy toy, and in the third part, Andy hands it over to Bonnie because she has grown up, no longer playing toys.

Part 4 continues the story of serial events at the house of Bonnie, this is also the time when Bonnie started kindergarten.

What I like about Toy Story 4 in particular or most of Pixar's films in general is that the content follows a clear timeline, which is an adventure of the characters before a threat is happening. In part 4, the film producer has created the context and content easier to understand, less cumbersome than the previous parts (especially if compared with part 2).

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Because of this, it would be great if the brothers followed their children or the children to watch together because I was sure they wouldn't be too difficult to catch the movie in 2 hours. No matter how frustrating the adventures of small toys are, there is a great "knot", the idea of ​​a very intelligent and delicate story writer.

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Graphically, if you notice from Inside Out or Coco, Pixar has greatly improved the graphics in the movie as well as how to create a character that is too high, surprisingly beautiful colors. To appreciate it or not, watching Toy Story 4 while watching you can "see" the character's hair is so detailed that I think "Pixar's photo-making team probably isn't normal." In short, the image of Toy Story 4 is very very wonderful and lively not only the toy characters but the girl Bonnie looks very plump, lovely, wants to twist her cheeks. : D

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Forky is a new character, made by Bonnie's tiny hand in class. In fact, Forky was just a discarded plastic fork, along with woolen twists and ice creams, to break his hands and feet. Even though Forky has said it but still assumes it is garbage, Forky always tries to dodge Bonnie, Woody and the rest of the toys to jump into the trash.

Woody in part 4 was not loved by Bonnie anymore because she was a girl, in stark contrast to Andy. But Woody always loved Bonnie the way he had loved Andy when he was playing, even though Bonnie didn't choose to be a "sheriff" whenever he played toys and tossed a corner in the closet. There will be two opposing sides: Bonnie needs Forky again while Forky thinks he is trash and not toys – Woody needs Bonnie to play with, but Bonnie doesn't care about Woody even though Woody always loves Bonnie.

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It is true that any child will be bored with their toys sooner or later, and then those toys will be dusty and completely useless => This is also It happened when Gabby Gabby doll completely knew he was no longer worth the old owner.

The question arises:

Why did Woodie choose to stay with Bo Beep without going home with Bonnie and the whole team?
– Right from the beginning, Woodie always wanted me to explore the world because he thought he wouldn't be able to play with kids forever. Staying with Bo Beep has shown his love for Bo and has been exploring with many other toys with Bo outside.

Will there be Toy Story part 5?
-I think not because this is a beautiful ending, it should have been better when the movie stopped at part 3 when Andy handed the toy to Bonnie. If you continue with the fifth part, you will have to make the toy characters meet again, but this is very difficult to come true.

Lessons from Gabby Gabby dolls

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When we finish watching, we realize Gabby Gabby is not really a villain, all she wants, she does (Take the pronouncement of Woody to put it on me), just want to get her Harmony I mean, choose and play with, but then NO, Gabby Gabby is still thrown away as Harmony refused earlier.

=> Don't try to get someone to love when they don't need you anymore, if they love you automatically they will come.


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If in terms of scores, Toy Story 4 deserves to receive 8.5 / 10 by IMDb.
Personally, Toy Story 4 has been a success worthy of the audience who are not only young but also adults. I have nothing to criticize in this part 4.

You see because of fun, drama, color. Adults will receive films with an emotional perspective, between family love, deep friendship, intimacy and courage.


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