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Evaluating Shozy V33 headphones: cheap price with stainless steel case, balanced sound, no mic – VnReview

Shozy is a sound company from Hong Kong, emerging thanks to middle-class earbud models like BK, Cygnus, or the popular in-ear in-ear Shozy Zero that once caused a fever. In addition, the company has also achieved great success with its collaborative AAW product like Hibiki Shozy, Hibiki MK2, thousands of high-end IEM models like POLA.

Recently, Shozy launched many new products, in which Shozy V33 is a remarkable product. This headset is designed with both vinyl and sound-inspired appearance. Right from the name, V stands for Vinyl, and 33 is based on the speed of turning 33 1/3 rounds per minute of vinyl discs. The sound of Shozy V33 is also said by the company to bring the most natural sound like the analog sound that Vinyl disc creates.

Shozy V33 is currently distributed exclusively in Vietnam by Xuan Vu Audio in Vietnam with an estimated price of VND 1.3 million.

Vinyl-inspired design

The Shozy V33's case has a Shozy special zipper box and 3 rubber tips. The quality of rubber tips this time is much improved compared to the Hibiki model of the same price range. These tips are soft and wear much more smoothly.

As mentioned, the design of the headset is based on a vinyl disc, the faceplate is made in black with concentric circular lines, above it with a Shozy logo and number 33 1/3. This faceplate incorporates a housing section made of polished stainless steel monolith that looks good and quality. The entire section of the jack, wire drawing and split wire is also made of stainless steel. This is a big plus for Shozy V33 because this material usually only appears on high-end models.

Shozy V33's rope is black, touching slightly rough, firm feeling but met with microphonic phenomenon (the phenomenon of noise when touching the wire).

This headset offers good soundproofing, in part because the acoustic part is not too long and feels comfortable to wear. Housing parts are also relatively compact so you can use Shozy V33 when lying down without much difficulty.

Sound quality

We will carry out Shozy V33 sound test with the source of iPhone X using the box with the switch and DAC lightning Cozoy Takt. Since Shozy V33 is not an expensive ear model, we use the most popular sources as above. Music used will be Lossless files and from Spotify.

Bass sound: If you have heard a lot of ear samples from Shozy, you will probably find that most of its earphones are technically more technical and often have a moderate amount of bass. The Shozy V33 is also a headset like that, try We Can't Stop (Miley Cyrus) and We Will Rock You (Queen), the drumbeat is powerful, the body bass is also quite clear, but not much. . This bass has good compactness and high accuracy. But if Shozy can make the bass down a bit, it will be perfect for a bass band like this.

In case you want to add some bass, you can replace the earbuds with Final Audio tips, improving the depth as well as adding a bit of bass. Now with the ear plugs, Shozy V33 offers a wide open feeling, and accurate bass range, this bass range will suit a wide range of light music as well as rock music.

Middle range: Overall, Shozy V33 has a mid range with natural, neutral and fine details. This headset absolutely does not bring a mid flap ear, smooth or warm but towards a simple, simple sound strip. Moderate mid-thickness range, not too thin, because the low mid part of the energy is not gathered much, in return the upper-mid is full of energy again. Try with One Night Only (Jennifer Hudson), the sound strip has a good detail, combining energy-rich substances in high notes to create a sound strip with personality, "flying" feeling, and mineralization. The tonal range will be suitable for many soprano vocals of professional Divas such as Beyonce, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, etc. However, because of not sharpening so much, Shozy V33 when it comes to some voices will be quite hard to hear, for example As P! nk's voice will be quite thorny and sour.

High range: This is the part that writers appreciate in Shozy V33. This headset has a high-pitched, bright and high-pitch range, though only using dynamic drivers and is quite cheap. The high sound range is not too bright, excess energy or glare. The best thing about Shozy V33 is that it has a very fit high range, enough for treb lovers to enjoy electric guitar sounds in Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 2 (Pink Floyd). The treb strip dissolves quite naturally, although still a bit fast, but this price can be said to meet the requirements. The treb band is not focused much on low treb, so it is easy to hear even for those who prefer dark tones, high power and high power, making Shozy V33 bring out the high sound.

Soundstage and details: Shozy V33 has good detail in most parts of audio. The earphones with poor detail often feel like the sound is covered with a mist, but Shozy V33 does not encounter this phenomenon at all, all clear and sharp. The soundstage has good ventilation, in stark contrast to the in-ear earphones of the same price range. Shozy V33 brings a feeling of good music space, wide on both sides.


This will be a worthwhile headset for beginners to play sound, love balanced sound, good technique but still easy to hear, naturally. The design of Shozy V33 is also a big plus with high quality stainless steel details. The most unfortunate minus point is that this headset does not have a mic, a lot of people need to buy headphones at prices above million dong.


+ Nice design and quality in stainless steel.

+ Good sound quality, natural, balanced, detailed.

+ Moderate price, easy to access.


– No mic.

– Light microphonic phenomenon.


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