Evaluate the GoldSound Gold4cafe V51 - VnReview "tea room speakers"

Evaluate the GoldSound Gold4cafe V51 – VnReview "tea room speakers"

As a product born to focus on crowded usage space (cafes, restaurants, classrooms …), the A400 amplifier and V51 loudspeakers are impressed by the investment level of the manufacturer for experience of use.

Currently, the product set is listed for VND 11.8 million via goldsound.vn website, however, the manufacturer is also implementing a 50% discount program. Price of the product (including 1 amplifier A400 and 4 V51 speakers) during the promotion period is VND 5.9 million.


Satellite speakers are designed to be very easy to map, suitable for many shop spaces

Unlike all GoldSound models that we have tested, V51 is designed to hang on the wall instead of being placed on a table or cabinet surface. Even, this GoldSound speaker model could not be placed on the table in the normal way, because the manufacturer placed the hanger underneath the cabinet, making the underside of the product unbalanced.

In this context of use, V51 is designed quite reasonably: the sides of the speakers use wood grain cover, look polite and easy to coordinate with the bar space, from the fresh color painted spaces to the shops Use many classic style furniture. The front of the speaker is also quite minimalist with the treb / ​​mid speaker and bass speaker with the logo on the bottom, no ether. The wiring part is placed by the manufacturer on the top, so that the owner can easily "hide" the wire behind the wall, avoiding bad effects on the aesthetics of the shop.

No "momentum" like a speaker, but the A400 also has a rather "retro" appearance.

Set next to the speaker, the design of the A400 amplifier is not "toned cardboard" very much because it uses a hard plastic shell in black, without wood grain and also less decorative details except for one color plastic layer as the background for the side buttons. before. However, because the A400 will be in a position managed by the shop staff / hall staff, the user probably won't be too concerned about the design of the amplifier too much. The most important requirement for an amplifier in terms of design is simple, easy to use (with clear controls), and the A400 fully meets these requirements. If placed in an open space, the A400 also feels quite "retro" for the room.

Sound quality: Focus on vocals

It is a loudspeaker option for a crowded space, so it is quite understandable that the combination of A400 and V51 is best optimized for the middle band, which is also the frequency range corresponding to the vocals (or saxophone, cello, monochord. .). Listening to Vietnamese light music, the GoldSound set produced a pleasing, easy-listening song, almost without harsh glare.

Any product from GoldSound also has the ability to customize treb and bass – A400 is no exception. In testing, we often use bass level at about 12 hours, treb at about 2 hours. Depending on the genre of music, users can customize the treb or higher bass, but even if it is "max", the A400 + V51 is still a better match for lighter music than Rock / Metal or chamber symphony. The A400 and V51's treb tones are in sufficient detail, the bass in the high twist levels can create "power" in the room.

The loudspeaker is tuned to suit different types of music or played in a restaurant.

It should be clearly pointed out that, at the same price, GoldSound has better products for home users: factors such as the soundstage, sound or detail of "Gold4Cafe" are inferior to GoldSound speakers. same price range as V360 or W250. However, just like its name "Gold4Cafe" is the optimal product for crowded use space, and for this reason GoldSound's products have many advantages that household speakers do not have.

Experience of use: Especially optimal for every store

The most notable highlight about GoldSound is the ability to "partition" to 6 different areas, corresponding to 6 speakers that the A400 amplifier can support. The shop operator can independently turn on / off each of the 6 loudspeakers only via a button on the amplifier. In our opinion, this is an extremely useful feature, because for example when the shop starts crowded, the operator only needs to stand at the counter to be able to turn on more speakers to serve. In addition, the partition by turning on / off easily as A400 usually only present on dedicated amplifier at the price of VND 5 million or more: at a price of less than VND 6 million (promotional price) for both speakers and amplifier, GoldSound obviously want to attract customers who need to minimize business costs.

Diverse features, especially with 6 "partitions" turn off easily.

The second highlight belongs to the connectivity feature of A400: the amplifier has built-in Bluetooth, USB and FM. In fact, GoldSound users have been accustomed to these controls for many years. However, when placed next to the line of computer speakers commonly used in cafes or halls, the controller becomes a strong point for A400 to surpass its rivals: there are various connectivity features available, no need shops. You have to spend more money on your laptop or external device, but only need a copy of the USB music.

There is Bluetooth (and, of course, 3.5-RCA cord), the A400 can also be combined with any computer or phone, allowing visitors to the bar or conference attendees to easily use it. Their equipment along with GoldSound speakers and amplifier.

Not only that, the A400 also has a built-in 6.5mm microphone port, which is compatible with many commercially available mic models. The volume for the mic and for music (via Bluetooth or RCA) is individually adjusted, allowing users to easily customize, whether for karaoke or to present slides on the background of running music.

Heat dissipation in style commonly found on PCs.

Other factors also show the manufacturer's refinement for use. As mentioned above, speakers are designed to easily hang on the wall and keep the room aesthetically pleasing. The amplifier has a large heat outlet, which helps ensure long-term stability: our test showed that overnight runs remained stable at room temperature of about 26 degrees. GoldSound also applies a warranty period of up to 5 years, and if it is depreciated during this period, the store costs less than 100,000 VND per month (promotional price) or 200,000 VND per month (list price). .


Can see Gold4Cafe V51 is the product showing the investment of manufacturers in the field of enterprise speakers – cafes, restaurants, amusement parks, spas, gyms … Manufacturers have taken into account all weaknesses factors in the process of using for public purposes, and thereby creating the most appropriate experience for the target audience.


+ Optimal speaker design for user experience at cafes, classrooms, halls …

+ Diversified connection, saving the cost of transmitter equipment.

+ Easy to turn on / off use area.


– Promotional price of VND 6 million is very easy to accept, but the list price (VND 12 million) is quite high.

– Amply design has not "entered" with satellite speakers.

Gia Cuong

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