Evaluate Samsung Galaxy A70: for "real netizens" - VnReview

Evaluate Samsung Galaxy A70: for "real netizens" – VnReview

Galaxy A70 is Samsung designed smartphone aimed at the real netizens who often surf the web and watch movies online on the phone.

This year, Samsung used the Galaxy A series to cover all the prevailing design trends on the phone from the U-shaped screen, the letter V to the camera to be rotated. To date, the company has launched 8 models of Galaxy A series starting from A10 that extend to the A80. The Galaxy A70 has the same design as the recent Galaxy A50 with U-shaped screen. This is the first product in Galaxy family equipped with 25W fast charger to replace the 15W fast charging standard that has existed since 2014 up to now. Samsung phones.

Galaxy A70 is a product aimed at users who regularly surf the web and watch videos on phones with 6.7-inch AMOLED screen and 4500 mAh battery. The imaging capability is also noticeable with the front camera and the rear main camera all have 32MP high resolution, along with 8MP wide-angle camera and 5MP secondary camera for taking photos of the font.

Will these factors be enough to make Galaxy A70 an option worth buying in the price of 9.29 million?

Design: big and long

Galaxy A70 can be considered an extended version of Galaxy A50 with similar designs and materials. The whole body of this phone is plastic material. In the ivory white version we experience, the plastic border is colored and the back of the ball looks like glass. Part of the back of the curved side looks eye-catching but it feels easy to scratch during use. This problem will not be worrying if you use the internal plastic case.

The device is large in size with a screen of 6.7 inches but Samsung is longer than usual, the ratio is 20: 9 so the width is not too big, you can still hold one hand. However, the long camera body has the limitation that the volume key placed above the edge must be difficult to reach when used with one hand. Fortunately, the power key is located near the middle so it is still easy to operate. The cross section of the large Galaxy A70 allows the manufacturer to arrange up to 4500 mAh battery without making the machine's thickness (7.9mm) too much.

On the front, like the Galaxy A50 juniors, Galaxy A70 also has a water drop screen (notched) to accommodate 32MP front camera. The screen edge of the device is very thin with the screen / front ratio reaching 86%, higher than the high-end smartphones like Galaxy Note 9 (84%) or iPhone XS. This combined with a large screen size of 6.7 inches, makes the Galaxy A70 the right choice for those who prefer to watch videos and surf the web on their phones.

The front of the Galaxy A70 has an optical fingerprint sensor on the screen like Galaxy A50. Similar to juniors, the performance of fingerprint sensors in this screen is not as fast as traditional fingerprints. Fingerprint recognition time is often slow, and sometimes does not accurately identify due to sinking fingerprints and small sections.

However, the accuracy of fingerprint unlocking will be improved over time as you get used to locating the finger placement. Besides, it also supports unlocking by recognizing face with very fast speed, even when it is dark. You can use a combination of both forms of security to improve phone unlocking speed.

On the edges, Galaxy A70 has full of physical ports and keys: audio jack, Type C port, two SIM and independent memory card slot. Inside the case, the manufacturer also offers a plastic back cover, 25W quick charger, Type C cable and a headset. It also comes with a thin plastic screen that fits just like Samsung's recent phones. The product currently has 3 options, blue, black and ivory.

Screen: big, bright and colors are not too bright

Galaxy A70 uses Super AMOLED 6.7 inch base plate, Full-HD + resolution and 20: 9 long ratio. Similar to other Samsung AMOLED screens, the colors displayed on this phone screen are vivid and fresh but no longer overly blazing. It also has a natural color display mode in the settings section if you want more standard colors. The screen also has high brightness, deep black color, wide viewing angle and can be seen clearly when used outdoors.

Good screen quality combined with large sizes and thin edges provide an eye-catching movie and surfing experience. The display quality of the Galaxy A70 is also more prominent than the same price range as the Oppo F11 Pro or Vivo V15.

The phone also supports the Widevine L1 standard for watching high-definition movies on online video services like Netflix. However, Full-HD + resolution is slightly lower than the size of the A70. If you notice, some details on the screen may not be sharp. But this is not easily recognizable when used normally unless you put this phone next to other smartphones with a higher resolution screen. U-shaped detail is quite compact and does not cause visual discomfort like V-shaped screens.

Performance: comfortable enough for basic needs

Galaxy A70 uses Snapdragon 675 processor with 6GB RAM and 128GB internal memory. Snapdragon 675 is a good balance between performance and battery consumption. The chip runs on an 11nm power-saving process, featuring 2 high-performance 2GHz cores and 6 power-saving cores running at 1.8GHz. On performance-measuring applications, the Snapdragon 675 processor exhibits quite strong CPU processing power, better than Helio P70 on the Oppo F11 Pro or Snapdragon 710 on Nokia 8.1, but the Adreno 612 GPU is a bit more sluggish compared to chips. same price range.

Score Antutu measure the overall performance of the device

Geekbench scores measure single-core and multi-core CPU performance

The Manhattan test on GFX Bench measures GPU graphics performance at true screen resolution (onscreen) and full-HD (offscreen) default resolution.

In actual use, this configuration is good enough for basic daily use needs. The application opens quickly and the experience process is not jerky, lag uncomfortable. 6GB RAM also offers good multitasking capabilities, enough to hold about 7-8 applications running at the same time.

With the need to play games, machines handle easily popular titles today. With Mobile Union, Galaxy A70 achieved a smooth frame rate of 60 fps with 93% high stability. And Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade has a heavy graphics, it also has a smooth frame rate of 54 fps and 84% stability when playing in the highest graphics mode.

However, Adreno 612 graphics chip is not strong enough to handle PUBG Mobile, one of the most hardware-hungry games today. The device jerks lag with a frame rate of only 24 fps. But when the graphics are reduced to the recommended level (self-set game), the player is smoother and more stable, the frame rate increases to 30 fps and 95% stability.

When measured with the GameBench app with Mobile Coalition game, it achieved high frame rates, 60 fps and 93% stability.

Warhammer 40,000 shooting game: The relatively heavy Freeblade graphics also achieve relatively high frame rates, 54 fps and 84% stability when playing in high graphics mode.

But with PUBG Mobile, the device lagged, only 24 fps and stability of 81% when playing in high graphics mode.

When graphics are reduced to the recommended level, the player is better, 30 fps and 95% stability.

About software, Galaxy A70 is currently installed a customized version of One UI 1.1 based on Android 9 similar to other devices like Galaxy S10 or Galaxy A50. One UI has a simple interface. The most impressive point in this interface is that the default applications on the device are designed for convenient single-handed use. Everything related to navigation and input is moved downwards to make it easier to use one hand. Samsung also allows to hide the navigation keys on the screen to switch to gestures. Besides, Korean phone company now does not install too many applications as before, so it helps the software more airy and softer.

Battery time

Besides the screen, this is the second most impressive point of the Galaxy A70. The 4500 mAh battery incorporates a Snapdragon 675 chip on the 11nm process to provide a comfortable usage time. In the familiar tests of VnReview, the device has better results than the same price smartphones like Oppo F11 Pro and Galaxy A50 juniors. The 25W fast charging bulb also has a charging speed of about 8% higher than the 15W charger on Galaxy A50. Total charging time is nearly 2 hours for a battery of 4,500 mAh, in which 1 hour of charging is about 66%.

Time to watch movies copied to the device, see at brightness and volume at 70%, counting from full until 10%.

Time to surf the web on Wi-Fi network, brightness at 70% and also calculated from full to 10%

Time to play the game continuously, from the moment the battery is full to 10%.


Galaxy A70 has 3 rear cameras including 32MP main camera f / 1.7, 8MP camera with ultra wide angle to 123 degrees for landscape / architecture photography and a 5MP secondary camera to support the capture feature of font removal. Meanwhile, the front camera of the machine has 32MP resolution of f / 2.0.

By default, both 32MP cameras before and after do not capture at the highest resolution. The rear main camera captures at 12MP resolution, while the front camera is 8MP. However, the quality difference between the default and the highest resolution is negligible, so you should not bother to shoot in high resolution. Not to mention that HDR + mode does not work when shooting at maximum resolution so it would be a big disadvantage if you shoot in complex lighting environments.

Galaxy A70 gives good quality photos when shooting outdoors and indoors with enough light. More detailed images, more natural colors and less noise. In good light conditions, the 8MP super wide-angle camera is also of good quality, both in color and detail to bright bands. However, in complex light conditions (many areas of light difference), the detail at the edge of the image from the super wide-angle camera is not high.

Photo taken from regular camera (top) and wide-angle camera (bottom)

Photo taken from regular camera (top) and wide-angle camera (bottom)

Photo taken from regular camera (top) and wide-angle camera (bottom)

Photos taken from the main camera behind

Photos deleting fonts from the rear camera have good separation, do not get too much on the subject.

In low light conditions, both the main camera and the wide angle of the Galaxy A70 pushed up a lot higher than reality, especially the main camera. The photos below are taken in low light conditions or very dim, but looking at the image will only look like it was taken in a normal bright environment.

When viewing on the small screen of the phone does not need too much detail, the way to push up so bright will make the image look brighter and easier to see. However, if viewed on a large screen like a laptop or desktop, it will immediately recognize the details of the limitations. In particular, the Galaxy A70 tends to smooth things out in low-light shots to reduce noise, making the image's details even worse.

Photos taken from the main camera

Photos taken from a wide-angle camera, at the same time and location of the shot above.

About camera selfie, As mentioned, despite the high 32MP resolution but the default on Galaxy A70, the selfie is only taken in 8MP mode. Similar to the rear main camera, you have no reason to switch to 32MP resolution because there is no significant improvement in both detail and image quality, except for the more bulky size and capacity.

In conditions that are bright enough, the image has good detail but lacks light, the image is slightly sluggish, details are reduced. Font deletion images are also effective in the ability to separate subjects and backgrounds, less frequently when the background is quite close.

Photos in normal mode (left) and remove fonts (right)

Photos taken in normal mode

Image delete font

Photos in normal mode (left) and remove fonts (right)


The Galaxy A70 scored the most impressive points in two respects: the large, thin-edged AMOLED screen had good display quality, and the battery time was quite "buffalo" thanks to the combination of a large capacity battery and a power-saving chip. . Snapdragon 675 on A70 meets all basic needs quickly. It also has a front-facing camera that is bright enough and the wide-angle camera is a plus compared to the same price range.

However, the product has a limited point that the optical fingerprint sensor in the screen is not as fast as the traditional fingerprint sensor and the quality of low light photography is not very good.

If you need to shop for a smartphone for entertainment, watching online movies and surfing the web a lot on your phone, this is clearly the right product. But if you want a smartphone to play heavy graphics games or take good pictures in low light conditions, the price range of 9 million dongs has other better options, especially the older high-end machines.


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