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HP's desktop model draws attention to its compact design, convenient moving, modern design, integrating up to 4 high-speed USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports right in front of the case.

The proliferation of laptops, tablets and smartphones with high configurations, provides enough performance to meet all of the familiar entertainment tasks that have made the desktop somewhat unresponsive. However, the desktop still has a solid stand, especially in traditional agencies, businesses or with less mobile users. The advantage of this type of computer is that it is easy to upgrade when needed, flexible configuration is suitable for many needs, and especially the same price always gives significantly more performance than a laptop.

Desktop Pro G2 is one of the newly introduced desktop models in the Vietnamese market of US technology firm HP. It has a variety of configuration options from Intel Pentium Gold G5400 to Core i5-8400 with prices from VND 7.59 million to VND 12.19 million, targeting start-up, small-scale enterprises with applications Use common tasks such as data management, statistics, commercial transactions …

Compact design, can be placed on the table

The first impression of HP Desktop Pro G2 is the Microtower compact form, the size is only about two-thirds that of normal cases. Therefore, this desktop model is very convenient to move, suitable for both under-ground or on-the-table schemes that do not occupy much space.

Review HP Desktop Pro G2

The frame and chassis are well machined, sturdy and sturdy. The appearance in the direction of simple with square shape, black rough key but still exudes the modern features thanks to the cross-shaped motifs in the front and the glossy HP logo to create accents.

Review HP Desktop Pro G2

Review HP Desktop Pro G2

There are up to 4 USB ports on the front panel, praiseworthy when they are all USB 3.1 Gen 1 high speed bandwidths up to 5Gbps per port, making it easy to add USB, portable hard drive, memory card reader, connection with smartphone … without having to fumble behind the case.

Review HP Desktop Pro G2

The top side is the power button and headphone and mic combo jacks, which are commonly found on laptops today. It is worth noting that the tray-type DVDRW optical drive supports disc burning. Optical drive may be a feature that is no longer necessary for ordinary users but at state-owned enterprises or government agencies, this is still a necessary device because of the higher security of USB.

Review HP Desktop Pro G2

True to the tradition of synchronized cases so far, the device has only one power button on the front. When you need to reset, you will hold down the power button for about 5 seconds to turn off the machine, then press the power button again to restart.

Part of the back has a classic design with traditional silver tones, arranged with many honeycomb heat escape holes. The power supply has been placed at the bottom of the new style machine today. There are 4 more USB ports here but only 2.0, maximum bandwidth of 480Mbps per port, suitable for attaching a mouse, keyboard or USB Wifi.

Review HP Desktop Pro G2

Besides, there are RJ45 network ports with maximum speed of 1Gbps, VGA, HDMI 2.0, two audio in / out jacks. In addition, as a product for businesses, the machine also has a slot to protect the cable, preventing the move without permission.

Review HP Desktop Pro G2

Review HP Desktop Pro G2

The bottom of the machine has 4 brackets including 2 feet covered with rubber to prevent slippery

The lid on the left side has an extra large grille to support the hot air release for the internal components. Removing the lid to access the internal components is quite simple as you only need to twist a 2-side screw on the side.

Review HP Desktop Pro G2

Components inside the chassis are relatively airy, ensuring air flow and heat dissipation effectively. The frame contains components that are thick, firm, and the right quality of a machine coming from the big brand.

Review HP Desktop Pro G2

The cooling fan for the CPU is made in the form of squirrel cage, directing the hot air from the CPU to the back of the case, not being in the case like the conventional fan design. With the design, the machine does not need to add a cooling fan for the case.

Review HP Desktop Pro G2

Behind the radiator fan area is Intel Core i3 8100 3.60 GHz processor without turbo boost, 4 cores, 4 threads, 6MB cache

HP Desktop Pro G2's upgrade capability is at the basic level with 1 PCI Express x16 slot for adding a discrete graphics card, 2 PCI Express x1 slots, 1 PCI x1 slot to install additional expansion card with 1 slot M.2 2230 socket to install Wifi card, Bluetooth. However, the device does not have a standby compartment to install a 2.5 "SSD or M.2 slot for the NVME SSD.

Review HP Desktop Pro G2

It has 2 RAM slots, including 1 free RAM slot for users to upgrade to a maximum of 32GB DDR4 Dual Channel 2666 MHz. However, this empty RAM slot is blocked by hard drive and optical drive area, so the upgrade is not easy, you should contact the technology from the company for support.

Review HP Desktop Pro G2

Right next to the CPU is 1 RAM of 4GB DDR4 of 4GB capacity "src =" "style =" width: 720px; height: 540px; "/></p>
<p style= Occupying the largest area in the case is an 80W Gold Plus 80W Gold power supply that is OEM by Lite-On

The HDD section is located along the strange case, this is a 3.5 "HDD, 1TB capacity, 7200 RPM speed connected to the mainboard via SATA III port.

Review HP Desktop Pro G2

The device comes with a set of HP keyboards and wired mice, as well as a traditional design. Moderately sized mouse, holding hands, symmetrical design is suitable for both right-handed and left-handed people. 2 mouse buttons have good bounce, easy to manipulate.

Review HP Desktop Pro G2

Meanwhile, the keyboard is made in Full size, with Numpad key for convenient data entry and volume up and down keys, quickly turn off the sound, switch the device to the Sleep state right on the navigation key area. Journey keys are quite shallow, low bounce so fast typing easily missed hands, stick words.

Sufficient performance for basic needs, running smoothly, cool

The version of HP Desktop Pro G2 that VnReview uses in this article has a suggested price of VND 9.625 million. This is the reference price through Synnex FPT distributor. With this price, the specific equipment is equipped with:

– Intel Core i3 8100 3.60 GHz CPU without turbo boost, 4 cores, 4 threads, 6MB cache

– Instant Intel UHD Graphics 630 graphics card

– RAM 4GB DDR4 – 2666

– HDD 1TB 3.5 "7200 RPM

– DVDRW burner

– Source 180W

– FreeDOS operating system

Review HP Desktop Pro G2

In this configuration, the most worthwhile point is probably the relatively powerful Intel Core i3 8100 Coffee Lake CPU with 4 4-core cores, 3.6 GHz base clock even without turbo boost acceleration. This is a chip used in many net game systems that provide impressive performance, can even meet heavy tasks like rendering, rendering. The retail price of the i3 8100 itself has reached about 3.3 million dong, accounting for more than 1/3 of the machine.

In fact, with normal, light office tasks like browsing the web with less than 5 tabs, opening Word, Excel, Power Point in parallel, HP Desktop Pro G2's configuration is somewhat "redundant".

Even with only the Intel UHD Graphics 630 graphics card, you can be entertained with soft titles like the League of Legends or Fifa Online 4 at a low graphic setting, HD resolution.

Review HP Desktop Pro G2

However, the amount of RAM is only 4GB even though it is a high-speed DDR4 but still significantly limits the device's multitasking capability. Hard drive of 1TB HDD speed of 7200 RPM is plentiful to store office data, even if it contains more games, music, images, it is not too big problem but the speed is not enough to bring Agile feedback, especially when faced with 100% Full Disk status in Windows 10.

Businesses often have to handle large-capacity Excel files, browse the web more than 10 tabs or more, using parallel applications such as Photoshop, Lightroom need to upgrade to at least 1 4GB RAM and additional SSDs to ensure better performance.

One advantage in the above configuration is the very cool, smooth operation. Even when pressing the system to operate at full capacity, the machine almost does not make any significant noise.


With what is shown, it can be seen that HP Desktop Pro G2 is a desktop model suitable for small and medium businesses or individual users who prefer a compact, energy-saving, quiet desktop model. , cool and moderate in performance requirements.

Review HP Desktop Pro G2

The machine responds well to light, basic tasks, can play some popular online games today. Users who are more concerned with performance can consider upgrading to 8GB of RAM and adding an SSD to improve processing speed.


+ Compact design, convenient to move, modern design, eye-catching

+ 4 USB 3.1 Gen USB ports 1 front, convenient to connect to peripheral devices

+ Cool, smooth, energy saving operation

+ Good performance for office tasks, powerful Intel Core i3 8100 processor

+ Keyboard, mouse included


– RAM amount is only 4GB, no SSD

– Limited upgrade ability


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