Evaluate Goldsound W60 speaker: Bluetooth at 1.2 million dong - VnReview

Evaluate Goldsound W60 speaker: Bluetooth at 1.2 million dong – VnReview

At the price of 1.2 million dong (refer to the manufacturer's home page, goldsound.vn), Goldsound W60 speaker is a product worth considering for users with limited budget and space.


In the past, we have evaluated some of the well-designed Goldsound products, and unfortunately, the W60 is not on this list. At a very comfortable price (VND 1.2 million), Goldsound's latest model is just a box with a simple black plastic case, almost without any accents. In front of this box is a speaker array with a logo, above the memory card slot and familiar buttons. If Goldsound chooses a different quality, or adds a few details to the W60, surely the look of this speaker will be much more appreciated.

W60 has a square design, almost no accents.

However, with a price of 1.2 million dong, box-type design and integrated Bluetooth connectivity, it can be clearly seen that the manufacturer does not direct its speaker to the user who places the convenience on top. both. The design is not too perfect for the W60, so it has its own advantages: the un-accented design allows users to place the speakers in any position in the space used without worrying about "deviating cardboard". .

Experience using

Like other speakers of Goldsound, W60 is a very easy to use product. Users only need to plug in the speaker and select the connection to use: 3.5mm, memory card, USB or TF. Like all Goldsound models, the W60 has 3 volume control knobs, bass, treb. The control keys (front, back, play / stop and connection mode) are nothing special: almost anyone can control the W60 easily the first time you use it.

The speaker is light and easy to move and installs according to the user's wishes.

Without the battery, the W60 is light and easy to move. Depending on the need to use the speaker can be placed on the TV cabinet, on the desk, bookcase v … v … Because the built-in amplifier is available, W60 also does not require users to add additional amplifiers with speakers: all familiar digital devices such as smartphones, laptops or players can connect to speakers through 2 rear RCA ports (the manufacturer has sold 1 3.5mm-RCA cable).

The W60 has Bluetooth connectivity for easy connectivity with smartphones, tablets and laptops.

The highlight of the W60 experience is definitely Bluetooth connectivity. In our test, Bluetooth connectivity on the speaker was stable. If playing music from a smartphone, you can completely hold the smartphone moving in the area recommended by the manufacturer (30m2) without having to worry about any connection issues. Unfortunately, the built-in Bluetooth volume on the speaker is somewhat smaller than the volume when connecting speakers to smartphones via 3.5mm wires.

Along with Bluetooth connectivity, the speaker supports playing music over the source from the USB port, memory card

Music quality

Unlike stereo speakers that almost always require users to sit on the middle line of 2 speakers to enjoy the best sound, the speaker models designed as "box" like W60 allow users to listen to music from any location. However, the user's sitting position as well as the customized speaker will affect the sound quality: in this article, we adjust bass and treb at 6 hours, volume at 75% and listeners sit 1m speaker in the room 20m.

With such customization, W60 proved to be a quite suitable speaker for popular music genres, easy to hear. The overall sound is slightly biased towards the warm, but the bass is not too deep but still spreads and creates an attractive "background" for the song. The mids range (medium negative) does not encounter common errors on low-cost speakers such as "stuffy nose" or harsh glare, which is generally quite natural even though it is not really detailed. The strip is high enough to hold energy but cannot reach the "loud" or "tinkering" sound that audiophiles often seek.

W60 favors genres that click on rhythm.

It can be said that the W60 is not too different from similar box-type speakers. As mentioned above, users can also customize the bass and treb content to suit their interests and music genres. However, no matter how customized, the W60 is still the most favored for Pop, Hip-hop and EDM. Album m-tp M-TP by Son Tung, album Kamikaze Eminem's good Blackpink Black Pink's are some of the music records that show off the vibrant sound of the W60.

Switching to fast-paced metal music tracks, W60 had a lot of difficulties when expressing fast and complicated bass and cymbal / hi-hat drums. The narrow soundstage of this speaker is also not a good choice for Classical music discs with many instruments.

Of course, all these weaknesses will be present on any other single-block speaker, including from portable speakers to large speakers. If only in the popular music genre that Goldsound wants to target, W60 is absolutely a good choice in price range.

Quality movies and games

As mentioned above, W60 has an unclear channel separation. Therefore, the W60 is not suitable for fighting games (for example, to hear the footsteps of opponents).

Although it does not create the overwhelming soundstage, the W60 can still reproduce sound effects that are "ears".

In return, if you need a powerful speaker to increase the feeling of being overwhelmed when playing a good game while watching a movie, the W60 will not disappoint. When used to enjoy movies like Deadpool 2 or Han Solo, the W60 recreates the "ears" of explosions, gunshots and action sound effects. With single-player titles based on the storyline, the W60 also makes the experience more attractive than when using the laptop's external speakers.


It can be said that, with the W60, the Goldsound manufacturer has once again shown its determination to pursue the goal set in its early days: creating speakers that Vietnamese users can access in a way. as easy as possible. Therefore, W60 has many strengths that will probably be sought by many people: pleasant price (VND 1.2 million, refer to goldsound.vn manufacturer's homepage), sound directed towards many genres of music listeners and also own Bluetooth connectivity for the most convenient user experience possible. Although there are some certain weaknesses, the W60 is still an easy choice at the price range, especially when you want to own a vibrant life inside your small room.


+ Exciting sound.

+ Bluetooth connection available at "soft" price.

+ Light, easy to move.

+ Experience using simple and convenient.


– Slightly monotonous design.

– Bluetooth sound is smaller than analog sound connection.

Gia Cuong

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