Evaluate GoldSound W360 speaker: a soft family karaoke speaker - VnReview

Evaluate GoldSound W360 speaker: a soft family karaoke speaker – VnReview

Good looking form, easy to use experience and lyrical sound, GoldSound W360 updated version is a speaker suitable for light music followers. In particular, the speaker also has built-in Bluetooth connectivity and mic connectivity for karaoke.


GoldSound users are probably familiar with wood grain cover and W360 is no exception. However, instead of using a dark-colored shell like the previous GS51 or W120, the W360 uses a light-colored texture and a lot of textures. This can be considered a valuable change to make the product more luxurious, more suitable for living room space using bright objects.

The design is quite familiar to GoldSound.

With a height of almost one meter, the W360 can be used as conventional column speaker models. Instead of choosing a rectangular style like many other products of the same category, W360 continues the familiar design style of GoldSound as "beveled" on the left and right sides of the speaker, creating a sense of disruption. quite interesting to use. If you want to create a more interesting space, users can also remove the tension on the product, revealing 3 loudspeakers, middle and bass inside.

Disassemble the e-tension to reveal 3 loudspeakers, middle and bass inside

It can be said that the wood crust helps W360 out of the cheap segment.

Experience using

The interesting point about the W360 is that it can be combined with GoldSound's own semi-amplifier models, which can work independently. In "standalone" mode, users only need to connect directly from the right speaker to the left speaker, plug in the power, connect (Bluetooth, 3.5-RCA cable attached, memory card, radio) and turn on the speaker to enjoy. Overall, this is a familiar experience for GoldSound users.

W360 is as diverse as any other GoldSound product.

The plus point of W360 compared to the wireless GoldSound products that we have ever evaluated is that the sound quality from Bluetooth has been greatly improved. In the past, Bluetooth chips on GoldSound speakers often have low volume and poor sound even when compared to phones, W360 has overcome most of this weakness. Even when listening carefully, the writer can not distinguish the difference between Bluetooth on the speaker and the sound connection from iPhone 6s.

With just a mic connection, users can sing karaoke via Bluetooth music or wired.

Because W360 is designed to sing karaoke, this improvement point is extremely important. With today's smart TV or TV players, users only need to connect Bluetooth to the speaker, turn on the karaoke version of the song they like on YouTube that can start … "torture" neighbors. W360 supports mic via the familiar 6.5mm jack, adjustable volume and echo: in general, this is a very simple and suitable singing experience for the Internet era.

Sound quality: sharpening, lyrical

As a product with karaoke and W360 features, of course, there will be emphasis on the center. In actual experience, we found that W360 fits more lyrical music: it seems that the producer has made a high-mid cut, so the singing from the singer is always smooth. , comfortable. Such a band of middle tones will not be too suitable for Rock music pieces and in some cases also create a feeling of "flattering" too much, lack of nature, however, successfully fulfilling its tasks with gentle and soft music genres. In particular, the male vocals on W360 are reproduced very warmly, in line with the relaxing atmosphere of the last days of the year.

Both the treb (high) and bass (bass) bands are adjustable through the rear-facing speaker buttons. Perhaps thanks to the column speaker design, the W360 can easily create a deep banding in the space, enough for the vibrant music genre. However, the bass beat is not really as solid and deep as the more expensive models. In general, this bass still brings users back to lyrical music, where the bass band only plays a "background" role and therefore does not require too high.

The volume, echo, bass, treb buttons and mic, power plugs are located on the back of one side of the speaker.

Similarly, the W360's treb sound also reached enough level when it was turned about 6 hours. At this level, we achieve a balance for the high range: cymble or piano sounds, lead guitar "enough" but still not crunch the vocals or other instruments. The details of the Treble band are not high enough to enjoy and extract complex music, but it is also an acceptable weakness because W360 still focuses on vocals.

Designed for the living room, W360 creates a very spacious and airy soundstage feeling. However, the soundtrack and cut of the music class was not accurate.

Experience karaoke and watching movies

Due to the simple karaoke singing feature (direct transmission from mic, echo effect), W360 is not really suitable for those who … sing badly. The vocals from the mic are well combined with the background music (Bluetooth, plug-in), without creating a discrete feeling like on cheap mobile karaoke accessories.

On the aspect of watching movies, W360 recreates the explosion scene quite well when tuned bass and treb at 8-9h. Playing games also feels like a boom, but it should be noted that due to being a stereo speaker, the ability to locate the game (or movie) is not as good as the speaker / headset 7.1.


With a beautiful design, easy to use and sound suitable for lyrical music, W360 is a good choice for households who want to own a set of music speakers and sing karaoke cheaply. Products with a listed price of VND 5,990,000 (refer to goldsound.vn manufacturer's homepage) and are being discounted to VND 3,990,000 during Tet Holiday.

Gia Cuong

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