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Evaluate batteries Oppo Reno and Reno Zoom 10x: the difference is not too big, over 8 hours on screen

Oppo Reno is equipped with a 3.765 mAh battery, while "elder" Reno Zoom 10x has a 4,065 mAh battery, both support fast charging technology VOOC 3.0. My actual test showed that despite the battery disparity, though, the actual usage time of both devices is not really big. Through the tests, both machines can operate from 7 am to 8 o'clock, but the battery is not over, the time on screen is over 8 hours. Below will be the settings during the test as well as details of what I have done with both machines for 1 day, please watch.

Configure Oppo Reno and Reno Zoom 10x

Test parameters:

* Use the Android version to follow the machine without customization, without Root.
* Screen brightness always stays at 200nit (not for auto). Sound level adjusted to 50%.
* Test environment: outdoor temperature from 27 ℃ – 31 ℃ and cold room 25 ℃
* Software used in the testing process: Programming, Youtube, Asphalt 8, Lien Quan Mobile, Facebook, Messenger, Gmail, Netflix

In this test, I will test Oppo Reno one by one and then to Reno Zoom 10X, try using it for 1 day with the same tasks to make a comparison of differences in battery life. between 2 devices.

Oppo Reno standard

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My new day started a little early when I opened my eyes, the clock was only 5 hours, I pulled the charger, the device was 100% battery at this time. Because it was quite early to go to work, I decided to open the machine to make Lien Quan board. After 30 minutes of playing, the device had 91%, dropped 9% of the battery. After that, I opened Youtube to watch the animation, before I started brushing my teeth and washing my face at 6 o'clock, this time, the device still had 85% battery.

It takes an hour and a half for cleaning, breakfast and driving to find a cafe to sit and do. During this time, the device still has a network connection to receive notifications and, up to 7 hours and a half, the battery has not lost anything. When I arrived, I enlisted to open Facebook on the screen (half an hour and less), and after 8 hours I started to concentrate on working, and now Oppo Reno had 81% battery. There was a notification about 20 minutes later, so I opened it and the battery was still 81%.

At 8:30 am, the shop started to get noisy, I connected my tablet with a noise-canceling headset to listen to music online with the restaurant's WiFi, until 10:30 am, the battery dropped to 72%. After that, I had to call Messenger for a friend on the company, totaling 15 minutes and the battery dropped 1%, to 71%. Working back in time was boring so I texted my friends about eight games. The total messaging time is 15 minutes, the screen is always open during this period and the 2% battery and machine loss is 69%.

To test whether shooting or taking photos with Oppo Reno has a lot of battery power, I decided to try it out. I started by shooting 15 minutes, the camera took 4%, then took 15 minutes (about 300 sheets), consuming 4% of the battery. After this process is 11 hours and half, and then the battery of the device is 61%.

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It was noon at the time, I left the cafe to eat after that, then looked elsewhere to work. At 12:30, the machine dropped 1% of the battery, the remaining 60%. Open the laptop to work, see the lack of space, so I used the phone to open the pre-loaded movie with Netflix to watch until 2pm. After 90 minutes of watching film movies (volume to 50%), the battery missed 7%, this time the device has 53% battery.

In order for the machine to rest, I put it in the bag for half an hour, opening it up, missing 1% of the battery. Next, I open the movie online to have something to watch for boredom while typing, up to 16 hours, the battery of the device is still 39%. Watch Youtube for 30 minutes more, 3% less battery, down to 36%. At this time, I put the device in and ran home, it was nearly 6 o'clock, there was no battery drop.

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When I arrived at my house, I received an old boyfriend's video call via Facebook, and the two confided to me about 7 hours while the phone had 21% of the battery, down 15%. While I was waiting for people to deliver the food I ordered, I played PUBG for about half an hour, until 7 o'clock, the machine had 10% of the battery. Seeing the device is about to run out of battery, going to plug in the charger, then suddenly, when the news is hot, I go to the Internet to see more details. After 30 minutes, the battery of the device was only 2%, afraid of power failure, so I plugged it in, ended 1 day of operation with a high frequency of the device.

So, the total time for Oppo Reno's on screen during 1 day is 8 hours and 15 minutes. Overall, the battery of the device is enough for one day of use with different light weight needs.

About charging time, use the included rechargeable bulb inside the box, taking a total of 1 hour 19 to fully charge the 3.765 mAh battery of the device. Clearly in this clause, fast charging technology VOOC 3.0 performs very well.

Oppo Reno Zoom 10x

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For settings like the ones on the regular version, I use a 10x 10x to use for a day with the same tasks as above. The results showed that up to 8 hours, the device's battery left 12%. In addition, the charging time for the 4,065 mAh battery is 1 hour 29 minutes, which is not much different from the normal version.


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