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Almost two years after becoming popular with the iPad, the tablet is still an expensive toy. Only when Amazon opened fire with the Kindle Fire in late 2011, then the Google Nexus 7 in mid-2012, did the tablet war become really hot.

Among low-cost tablet makers, Amazon and Google are still the biggest outstanding manufacturers. In particular, Amazon has the advantage in terms of content, and Google controls the Android operating system. Thanks to that, both Amazon and Nexus Kindle Kindle Fire tablets have made a mark.

ASUS is also a well-known manufacturer in tablet computers. The company has launched many high-end tablets, but their most successful product is Nexus 7, a cheap product that works with Google. With that experience, the company was confident to launch an ASUS MeMO tablet with a low price, affordable price tag about 1 million VND lower than Nexus 7.

Tablet ASUS MeMO The pad is rated by VNReview as not a commercial version, so there may be a slight difference in performance compared to products sold to the market.


MeMO Pad is equipped with a 7-inch screen, has a medium size and is easy to hold with one hand. The device has a rugged design, although pressing it hard can also cause the back of the device to be slightly concave (but probably no one does that with their device). The machine edge is a glossy black plastic, but it is well-made, does not bring a cheap feeling.

Review tablet Asus Memo Pad

The back layer gives you an interesting feeling when holding MeMO Pad

The back of the machine is a white shell with many embossed, giving a pretty interesting feeling when holding in hand. However, white can make the machine more visible. MeMO Pad also has two other color options if it is afraid of being used during the process.

Review tablet Asus Memo Pad

The screen edge of the machine is quite thick

ASUS logo stands out at the bottom of the screen. Compared to Nexus 7 of similar size, MeMO Pad's screen border is a bit thicker. The MeMO Pad's screen glass is slightly bright, emphasizing the thickness of the screen border. Above the screen is the front camera of the camera, which has a 1 Megapixel resolution.

Review tablet Asus Memo Pad

Review tablet Asus Memo Pad

Review tablet Asus Memo Pad

Review tablet Asus Memo Pad

The edges of the machine

The speaker is quite small in size and placed on the back. Because the speaker design dropped in, when placing the device on a plane, the sound was almost the same. The button to turn on and adjust the volume is located on the left side (vertically), the MicroSD card slot and the MicroUSB connector port are on the bottom edge, while the headphone jack is located on the top edge. This port layout can lead to difficulty in a certain case, which is when plugging in the charger and plugging in the headset.

Overall MeMO Pad has a good design. The machine has a solid design, reasonable size, good material. Of course, the design of the machine also has some disadvantages as I mentioned above, but it also cannot claim perfection in a tablet with this cheap price.


MeMO Pad uses 7-inch screen, with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. The majority of 7-inch tablets now use a screen resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, much higher than MeMO Pad. When viewed directly, with the highest screen brightness, it can be seen that the screen shows quite clearly the pores due to the few pixels. This is understandable because MeMO Pad's pixel density is only 170 ppi, much lower than the Nexus 7 (216 ppi).

Review tablet Asus Memo Pad

The viewing angle of the screen is slightly poor

MeMO Pad's ability to express colors is quite good but the maximum brightness of the device is not high. In terms of touch capabilities, the device responds quickly to the on-screen controls. However, the screen of the device is easy to stick to fingerprints, so users should equip the screen with a cloth during use.

Review tablet Asus Memo Pad

The glossy screen is difficult to see when standing outside in the morning

MeMO Pad's screen is very glossy. This makes it very difficult to use when looking under the sun. Another drawback is that the viewing angle of the device is quite poor, especially when viewed from the left / right angles when rotating the camera (which is the way many people use). If you look at the camera from a "non-standard" angle (deflected to the top, vertically), your eyes can see two different colors. This is really very annoying.


Review tablet Asus Memo Pad

Specifications of ASUS MeMO Pad

MeMO Pad is equipped with VIA's single-core processor, clocked at 1 GHz, 1 GB of RAM and Mali-400 graphics. MeMO Pad processors are slightly weak compared to current tablets, and that is evident in the performance of the device. When surfing the web, the machine handles quite well for websites with mobile versions, but with the full version of the site, the device is quite jerky.

Review tablet Asus Memo Pad

Performance evaluation scores of ASUS MeMO Pad

The machine performs better when used to watch movies. Because the Mali-400 graphics core supports high-resolution video decoding, it can play movies well with resolutions up to 1080p (Full HD). When using to watch movies on YouTube, MeMO Pad also watch HD movies well.

However, it should be noted that the Mali-400 does not support popular audio formats on HD movies like AC3 or DTS. So if you want to have a sound, you have to choose to use "S / W Decoder" in the optional part of the movie viewer application (for the case of DTS it is more complicated, due to download own support codec).

Review tablet Asus Memo Pad

Review tablet Asus Memo Pad

S / W Decoder decoding with MX Player application

MeMO Pad's front camera has a 1 megapixel resolution, which can take photos or record 720p video. In general this camera is enough for video calling applications or sometimes taking "selfie" photos.

Review tablet Asus Memo Pad

Photos taken indoors, from the front camera of the device

Another application that can be very useful for students is to use MeMO Pad to read the material. I tried MeMO Pad to read a magazine in PDF format, with a capacity of over 100 MB. Page loader and perform zoom in / out as well as move in the page quite quickly. For text documents, MeMO Pad handles quickly. Overall MeMO Pad's reading ability is quite good.

To test the game's gaming ability, I used the Dead Trigger action game. When playing, sometimes the device is slightly jerky, but in general the speed is stable and "playable". Especially with USB OTG cable and pre-installed software, you can connect gaming hands to the machine to make it easier to play. I tried plugging in the Xbox 360 game console, and could play Dead Trigger immediately without any adjustments. Other popular game players like the PS3 handle may also be supported.

Some users on the network said MeMO Pad can use 3G USB with USB OTG cable available by phone and 4G toggle app downloaded from Google Play (without needing to root the device) to use 3G of the network. . This adds to MeMO Pad's convenience with Wi-Fi connectivity. Besides, this device lacks Bluetooth connectivity, making it difficult to share files directly.

Battery usage time

MeMO Pad is equipped with a 4270 mAh battery, roughly the same as the Nexus 7. Because of the short testing time, I only use standard reviews to test MeMO Pad's battery life.

Review tablet Asus Memo Pad

Battery life in standard reviews

In the gaming test, I used GLBenchmark 2.5.1. This application turns on a continuous video clip, simulating a heavy game case. With the maximum brightness set, the battery runs out after 3 hours 56 minutes. So if the game is lighter, and the brightness is not adjusted to the highest, I predict the machine can last from 4 to 5 hours.

To test the time of watching movies, I turned on a movie with 720p resolution with MX Player application, with screen brightness at 80% and sound played through the headset at 80% volume level. As mentioned above, I have to adjust a bit so that MX Player plays the HD movie well. The movie player gets 5 hours 36 minutes. This time is enough for you to watch 2 long movies, but it can be said to be slightly worse than other tablets.


The operating system preinstalled on MeMO Pad is Android Jelly Bean 4.1.1. The interface of the device is quite similar to the tablets of the ASUS Transformer series. The device is also pre-installed with some ASUS applications, such as SuperNote Lite, which supports notes, App Backup, App Locker, MyLibrary Lite … In general, these software have quite a few utilities, but also only play an additional role because on Android also has many better applications with similar features.

Like on its laptops, users can also choose to use a performance-oriented, battery-saving or balanced mode; as well as choose the appropriate sound mode like listening to music, playing games or movies.

The keyboard on the device is ASUS 'integrated keyboard, typing quite well but does not support Vietnamese. To type Vietnamese, you can use the original Android keyboard, or download an alternative keyboard from Google Play.


With MeMO Pad, you'll have a big screen device to surf the web, watch movies, read e-books or play some light games. Design of pretty machine

Well, it doesn't feel like a cheap device. However, the performance and screen of the device are the points I don't appreciate.

MeMO Pad is currently sold for VND 3.5 million, but there are also some stores selling this product at a lower price, about VND 3.3 million. This price is generally suitable for those who are still in school or at work, looking for an alternative to a phone that is too small or a computer too big for entertainment.

In the Vietnamese market, tablets from large firms are almost no such low prices, and MeMO Pad is directly competing with tablets from Chinese brands. "Ship" tablets may have a higher configuration or a sharper screen, but choosing a genuine distributed and warranty device (MeMO Pad with a one-year warranty) will bring peace. mind for users.

In addition, buyers can choose from a number of Amazon laptop models (Kindle Fire HD), Google (Nexus 7) or Barnes & Noble (Nook Tablet), with popular prices from 4.5 to 5 million. In which Nexus 7 has the advantage of being warranted in Vietnam (due to ASUS 'global warranty policy), Kindle Fire HD and Nook Tablet have good configuration and beautiful screen. Obviously, the difference compared to MeMO Pad is quite a lot, but these devices will also bring a better experience.

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