Europe lost its interests to punish Russia

(News 24h) – Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko said that the EU imposed sanctions against Russia despite losing its own interests.

In a recent statement in Athens (Greece), Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko evaluated the mutually beneficial relationship between Russia and the European Union (EU) when imposing sanctions on the opponent.

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Do Europe accept “suffering” to punish Russia?

Accordingly, Mr. Grushko said that EU sanctions against Russia are not legal and go against the interests of the EU itself.

“Our attitude towards sanctions is well known. First, it’s an illegal tool. Second, it is a tool that goes against the interests of the European Union. I believe many European countries are starting to realize that. Greece is probably among [những quốc gia] That showed enough skepticism when it came to the effectiveness of these sanctions “- Russian Deputy Foreign Minister stated.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister said, in the position of Greece, is both a member of the alliance [NATO] and as a member of the European Union, so all sanctions imposed on Russia are subject to decisions from Brussels.

With the desire to promote relations of the two countries, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister said that Greece’s position in the EU should not be considered “an obstacle to the development of bilateral relations”.

In fact, according to the latest calculations, the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister’s statement is authentic.

It is estimated that sanctions imposed by the European Union (EU) on Russia related to the situation in Ukraine since March 2014 have cost the coalition’s economy 21 billion euros (about 25.4 billion). USD) / year.

Dusseldorf Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of Germany said that sanctions (of EU) against Russia caused the German economy to lose 5.45 billion euros / year. For the EU, the damage amounted to 21 billion euros / year.

CCI chief executive Gregor Berghausen stressed that the EU’s continued imposition of Russian sanctions would make the economic picture of all parties more difficult. If sanctions are tightened, financial losses will increase. In the opposite direction, business activities may flourish.

He said Germany sees Russia as a market for medium-sized businesses and that its exports to Russia could increase 15% after the sanctions are lifted.

Even Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke of this fact about Europe. He said that, although the US and Europe jointly imposed sanctions on Russia, the damage from European countries was heavier than the US.

The Russian President also recently opened up to the European Union, saying that Russia is ready to improve its relations with the EU in the near future.

President Putin emphasized that Russia and Europe have historical similarities and need to work together on “an active agenda.”

He stated: “The countries of Western Europe and Russia should stand side by side. The current situation is very unusual. If we can overcome the obstacles in the past, then a positive phase of relations. Us will open to us. But friendship cannot be achieved if it is driven from one side. “

However, the Russian side did not expect a more active European policy because, according to the Kremlin spokesperson, the “decider” for the removal of Russian sanctions is not in Europe but in ” Some capital, “is full of implications for US pressure on general European policies.

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