EU has not licensed Sputnik V, Germany has turned on the green light to buy first

EU has not licensed Sputnik V, Germany has turned on the green light to buy first

On April 8, Germany’s Standing Committee on Immunization Chairman Thomas Mertens said positively that a state in the country is looking for an order for Russian Sputnik V vaccine.

The EU did not have the Sputnik V film, Duc started to buy it first
Germany is urging to buy Russian vaccines soon.

Accordingly, Mr. Mertens said that the publicly available data for the Sputnik V vaccine was quite good and he called the action “inspiring optimism”.

“The published data looks pretty good, I can say so. If the vaccine is tested and approved, I will approve their application. I also know the news. [việc mua vaccine Sputnik V- ND] from the media. I think this is fundamentally positive as efforts are being made to provide vaccines for themselves, “Committee Chairman Mertens told ZDF TV.

Earlier this week, the German state of Bavaria signed a memorandum of understanding with the Russian Direct Investment Fund for potential Sputnik V supply to the region. Under the preliminary contract, the southern state of Germany will receive 2.5 million doses of vaccine after approval by the European Union.

Meanwhile, several other states have called for talks with Russia to buy the Sputnik V vaccine, separate from the European program.

Mr. Reiner Haseloff, Premier of Sachsen-Anhalt State, said that although the EMA had to license the Russian vaccine, he believed in its effectiveness, adding that he was grateful to the Soviet polio vaccine when he was still alive small in old East Germany, where vaccinations were given against the disease and was earlier deployed in West Germany. Now, he hopes to negotiate early with Russia to prepare for the vaccine’s approval in Europe.

Before that, Berlin has shown a willingness to buy Russian vaccines if the European Union does not plan to procure them despite registration approval. German Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn said that since the EU Commission has no intention of buying Russian vaccines for the entire bloc, Germany will “go alone”.

The German Minister of Health considers Sputnik V a solution to prevent the current shortage of vaccine doses due to countless problems with supplies. Speaking to public broadcaster WDR on April 7, Mr. Spahn warned that any potential orders of Sputnik V will need to be delivered within 2-5 months to make a difference for implementation. Vaccines are sluggish Germany.

In previous statements, Thierry Breton, EU Commissioner in charge of vaccine procurement, argued that the Sputnik V dose would not arrive in time to make any difference to the European Union’s vaccination program. .

While EU member state Hungary has already started using the Russian vaccine, Germany’s deal with Moscow depends on Sputnik V being approved by the European Pharmaceutical Authority (EMA), the pharmaceutical regulator of the Union. European approval. The EMA began reviewing the vaccine in March, and so far it has taken more time because of the thorough testing and procedures.

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