eShop Exposes Switch “Devil May Cry 3” and “Metro: Return” Capacity

Nintendo eShop recently exposed a number of switch game titles, including Switch “Metro: Return“, Switch” Devil May Cry 3 “and many other games that players are looking forward to.

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“Metro 2033”-6.2GB
地铁 “Subway: The Last Dawn”-7.6GB
鬼 Devil May Cry 3-5.0GB

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黑 “Black Crystal: Anti-Japanese War Strategy Edition”-5.0GB
森林 Orn of the Forest-4.1GB
怪物 Monster Energy Super Motocross Race 3-4.6GB
“ R.B.I.Baseball 20 ”-3.9GB
余 Yu Huo-3.9GB
疾 Sprinter-604MB
睡 “Drowsiness Attack”-604MB
Super Tennis-121MB
真实 “Real Sunshine”-103MB
“The Adventures of the Fox”-39.0MB

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Note: The above information is from a list of eShop stores in North America, Europe, and Japan.

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