Erotic literature fair: what prank do we read in 2018?

Erotic literature fair: what prank do we read in 2018?

From Apollinaire to Sade, writers have always known how to question our sexuality and our libido through words. Yet even today, under cover of modesty (hide this breast that I could not see), this art is put in the closet. Objectives of the show organized by Polissonneries: democratize and destigmatize the erotic literature in order to (finally) get her out of her ghetto. Discover the program!

Meetings with the authors of the erotic genre: you will have the opportunity to discuss with about fifteen authors. Brigitte Lahaie, which we no longer present, Peggy Sastre, author of How love poisons women or Male domination does not exist,Robin d’Angelo, who has just published an investigation after infiltrating amateur porn for a year, Eva delambre or Gala Fur, BDSM feathers, and many more!

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Happening: on your arrival you will be given an envelope offering you a writing challenge with, at the end of the day, a gift bag to be won. The writers present at the show will be the jurors, they will help each participant to refine their text. “The opportunity to create a strong interaction between the latter and the authors”, explains Flore Cherry, one of the organizers of the show, also author and journalist.

Conferences: nine thematic meetings will be offered to you. With subjects such as “The great BDSM stories”, at odds with the codes of 50 Shades of Gray ; “Lending your voice to an erotic text”, where you will be explained how to create sexual tension with the voice for only tool; “Don’t say you like it”, a lecture-lecture followed by a debate with the public on pornography and its actresses.

Animations: to stay in the playful spirit of any good prank, there will be many recreations! The well-chosen partners of the event will host stands: Lelo, the Swedish brand that has transformed sex toys in art objects design and innovative, you will discover its latest high-tech nuggets; Audible, the audio book leader, will offer you a sensual and sound immersion through thelistening to erotic books ; Gleeden, the site that plays down infidelity, will offer a “confessional” game with prizes to be won. And you can also test your erotic spelling thanks to La Dictée Coquine…

In short, a very tempting event that I can’t wait to discover and which I will tell you if it keeps its promises in a future post.

You can reserve your place here (presale: 10 euros, on site: 15 euros).
Yours faithfully and read on, of course …

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