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Ericsson launched a new anti-theft initiative, the phone will vibrate when its owner is not the owner

Ericsson recently launched an extremely unique high-tech phone anti-theft initiative, likely to appear in the near future.

In the past few years, manufacturers have made great strides in preventing smartphone theft from happening more and more. The ways that manufacturers prefer to use them are locking mechanisms such as passwords, fingerprints, etc. And if crooks try to reset the device, the activation lock mechanism will make the smartphone become a brick department. usable.

However, this still cannot completely prevent theft. Many people don't even use screen lock passwords, or resetting the phone can easily be bypassed. So we still need a more advanced solution.

And to solve the problem, the Swedish company called Ericsson (the brand that has worked with Sony to launch Sony-Ericsson devices in the past) recently submitted a new patent on the idea. Anti-theft using high technology. This idea is called "Adaptive Friction".

Basically, this initiative allows smartphone devices to use sensors to maintain contextual awareness, whether it is in a pocket, on a table or in a purse, etc. To do this, The smartphone will analyze data from microphone, light sensor, camera and even gyroscope sensor.

Whenever the user hands on the smartphone, the device will determine whether it is held by the user by analyzing the grip to see if the person is holding the smartphone comfortably and confidently. . Not only that, the device can also use biometric sensors (for integrated smartphones) to measure the heart rate sensor of the handler to determine whether or not the crook.

If the smartphone determines that it is not held by the owner, the device will start to vibrate at the ultrasonic frequency, and in theory, this vibration will make the device super slippery and difficult to remove. out of the bag. That is why the invention is called "adaptive friction."

Sforum - Latest technology page Huawei-Mate-20-Review-021 Ericsson launched a new anti-theft initiative, the phone will vibrate when its owner is not the owner

Ericsson's patent also said that this feature could be used to make the device cling to the hand better, preventing it from slipping off and falling.

Of course, this idea sounds like a lot of technology is integrated inside a smartphone. A series of sensors that operate continuously over a long period of time can consume a lot of energy. And Ericsson will need to tweak so that the sensors work in the most reasonable way. Until Ericsson demonstrates a practical device with such functionality, this anti-theft initiative will still be just a paper idea.

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