Ericsson has just had its 100th 5G contract - VnReview
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Ericsson has just had its 100th 5G contract – VnReview

Telecom equipment firm Ericsson just announced it has reached its 100th commercial 5G deal with telecom service providers around the globe. Of these, there are 58 publicly announced contracts and 56 5G networks operating on five continents.

Ericsson’s 100th 5G deal is an agreement with carrier Telekom Slovenije on Aug. 12. Ericsson has been working with the telecom service provider’s key strategic partners from the early days of 5G technology research and development. Ericsson’s first publicly available 5G partnership was announced in 2014.

Following initial technology commitments and a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), 5G New Radio (NR) technology testing and testing projects were launched. Next are commercial contracts and network deployment announcements. The first direct commercial launch events are announced in 2018.

Ericsson’s contract includes the implementation of a wireless access network (RAN) and a core network, using products and solutions from the Ericsson Wireless System and Ericsson’s core network product portfolio.

Ericsson’s 5G deployment projects include 5G Non-Standalone, 5G Standalone, and Ericsson Spectrum Sharing technology (Ericsson’s spectrum sharing). These projects also include deploying cloud capabilities with Ericsson’s dual-mode (dual-mode) 5G core network.

Ericsson has deployed 5G in high, medium, and low frequency bands in a variety of environments, including in urban, suburban and rural areas, to support a wide variety of fixed and band radio access options. Advanced mobile broadband. In some developed markets for 5G, telecom service providers are providing 5G powered virtual and augmented reality services in the education, entertainment, and gaming sectors.

Ericsson says it is working with service providers, universities, technology academies and industry partners to develop and perfect 5G options for businesses and consumers. . These uses include factory automation, smart office, remote surgery, and other enterprise applications.


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