[EReady]China Trust Card Friends installment 0 interest rate car purchase project

From now on, with a CITIC credit card (only for the cardholders of the original card), go to the eReady store to swipe the card to buy a car, and scan the QRcode to log in, and you can enjoy the 6, 12, 24 0 interest rates for any amount.


If you want to participate in the “CITIC Card Friends Buying a Car with 24 Phase 0 Interest Rate” project (hereinafter referred to as “this project”), the original CITIC Credit Card holders shall be deemed to agree to the specifications of this note when they participate; if they do not agree to this note Please do not participate in this project for all or part of the matter.

  • Only valid cardholders who log in during the event period can participate in this event. After logging in successfully, they can enjoy automatic installment of 0 interest rate discounts within a fixed amount after logging in to the store. Transactions that have been logged in before logging in are not applicable to this event Method.
  • If two or more installment installments are registered at the same time, the higher installment will have priority. To change or cancel the login period, please call China Trust Customer Service. Service hotline: 0800-024365 Mobile phone: bank (02) 2769-5000, credit card (02) 2745-8080)
  • If the cardholder applies to the Bank for “Agreed Single Instalment” and this activity (QR installment) at the same time or successively, unless the purchase has been processed by the Bank in installments and cannot be changed, it will be deemed to be a card holder If a person only applies for QR instalment, the relevant agreement of “agreement for single instalment” is not applicable; if you apply for “single instalment” and QR instalment to the Bank at the same time or successively, it will be regarded as cardholder only applying for “single instalment”, not applicable QR staging.
  • This activity excludes the use of debit financial cards, company cards and other cards without installment function, and applications are limited to transaction amounts within a fixed amount.
  • This activity is not applicable to LINE Pay barcode payment, apple pay, Samsung pay, Google pay and all third-party/electronic payments.
  • For return or cancellation of the transaction, please contact the original eReady reseller. After returning the eReady, please notify China Trust Customer Service to deal with the feedback process in order to safeguard your rights.
  • Cardholders who log in to participate in this event agree to China Trust’s right to make final interpretations and decisions on related matters. Any changes will be handled in accordance with Article 19 of the Administrative Measures for Credit Card Business Institutions and related regulations.
  • If there is any adjustment during the event period, please refer to the announcement on the China Trust website.
  • In the event of force majeure or irresponsibility, China Trust Bank reserves the right to modify, change or terminate this activity and the final interpretation and decision on all matters of this activity. Related matters will be in accordance with Article 19 of the Administrative Measures for Credit Card Business Institutions and relevant regulations. If there is any change in the activity method or early termination, the bank will make an announcement on the official website 60 days before.
  • You can enjoy discounts for all models of cars (eReady trams only) when you buy cars in stores.
  • This project does not include hypermarket special vehicles.
  • Related car colors and accessories are mainly real cars.
  • The deadline and handling method of this project are based on the announcement on the eReady official website.
  • eReady reserves the right to modify and terminate the content and details of this project without notice; eReady has the final right to interpret this project.

Information provided by “Tai Ling Motorcycle”

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