Erasing the "magic" tactics to renew old cars of the people in the profession

Erasing the “magic” tactics to renew old cars of the people in the profession

There are many sophisticated tricks of “unpredictable transformation” to renew cars from old cars, cars with heavy accidents, taxi returns …

Buy a cheap old car

Walking around the websites you can easily see car sales listings old car good price very much. However, in addition to the usual purchasing news, many places also specialize in looking to buy old cars with accidents, old cars with deep life, hydrostatic vehicles, old cars without owners, smuggled cars …

Buy car car old refurbishing is a highly profitable profession. Because the car after going through the “buttocks”, refurbished “shimmering” the car can be sold at a price of 1.5 times, double or even more.

The ways to renew an old car are full of sophistication

Refurbished car paint

Car paint technology is increasingly developed. types old car had an accident, used car taxi, deep old car … all possible car paint polish, change the color of paint or refurbish the polish to look like new.

The distortions on the body of the car are made to make copper, and put on a matit can restore the status quo. Then use car painting techniques different for external processing. The level of refurbishing and painting of old cars is so “high-handed” that even a damaged car after entering the factory can regain its sparkling “outfit”.

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When refurbishing old cars, people often renew the paintwork

However, when buying a used car, many experienced people still have a way Check that the old car is repainted or not. Because how sophisticated the painting technique is, it is difficult to match the “zin” paint.

The easiest way to check is to see the paint color on the sides and extensions of the body. Because this location often has old paint. It is possible to compare paint color, gloss, oldness between these parts. The re-painted car is usually more glossy, has a sharper reflection, it is difficult to “copy” the degradation of the old “zin” paint. To check if the car has a matit patch not just use a magnet. Place the magnet in the suspect position, if the magnet is not inhaled it is likely that this part has been patched and painted.

Refreshing the chassis and chassis

The chassis and chassis are the most important but also the fastest to degrade. A lot of cases inside the car are still very new but the rusted inner chassis and chassis even begin to decay. Therefore, with “high-handed” old car sellers, we will not ignore the new chassis and chassis before selling the car.

For old cars with heavy accidents, the high impact frame is deformed, when entering the garage, the most important parts such as the part with the frame number will be retained. Heavily damaged parts will be rectified, welded or more grafted … Then painted again, it is difficult to detect. If the chassis is intact, only with some distortion, the process is simpler and faster. In the case of an old car with heavy decay, scrap the rust and paint spraying undercarriage new to cover.

Reworked bumpers and fenders

These are the parts that are most susceptible to scratches and damage when the car is struck or hit. With heavy accident vehicles, bumpers and fenders often break. So when you refurbish a car, if this part is badly damaged, it will usually be replaced.

The bumper is very easy to damage when the car is struck or struck, so it is often renewed

Repair engine and “overhaul” engine

These 10 years old car or the life is too deep, the car has an accident, the car is badly damaged … often need to change the engine and “overhaul” the engine, gear so that the car can operate smoothly. This is the reason why you need to check when buying a used car get to know the car has been switched on or not.

Rewind the speedometer

To assess vehicle wear and tear, if you know how many or more vehicles you use, people often look at the number of kilometers on the vehicle. Grasp this so more than 60% of old cars will be speedometer rewind to sell the car for a better price. This is a trick trick when buying old car very popular.

Upgrade the electric system on the car

Normally, people only re-do old car electrical parts when vehicle old car hydrostatic, heavily flooded … The electric parts on the car are often replaced with electronic modules, black boxes, control boxes, batteries … To save costs, the replacement is mostly floating or taken from an equivalent used car. Replaced the other way part, very rarely OEM products.

Interior refurbishment

The interior is an extremely important part. When looking at the car, the person inspects the old car’s interior very carefully. Because it will greatly affect the future use of the car.

Therefore, to sell the car at a good price, interior refurbishment is an indispensable stage. There are two trends in interior refurbishment. One is to refresh the interior so that it is most similar to the original. The second is the “degree” of a unique and more luxurious interior.

When refurbishing old car interiors, parts are often added and renewed such as: wrap leather car seat back, instead car floor mats, wrap car ceiling, instead wrap steering wheel, upgrade car DVD screen, Car sound upgrades, cleaning & repairing air-conditioning systems …

When renewing old cars, it is definitely indispensable to refurbish the car’s interior

Replace the capo cover washer, washer for the car door

The old cars will often have the capo, car door seals to open and close more firmly, soundproof better. With capo washer, if you press the nail in, it means the gasket has been replaced. Gasket “zin” pressed in only expanded, not cried.

Tire rework

When the tire is worn out, people will replace it with a new tire. However, a current car tire is not cheap, maybe up to several tens of million dong. Therefore, both to sell a car at the same price and to save investment costs, many old car sellers choose to remodel the tire instead of replacing the new tire.

Currently, the turn tire car old tire into new tire is quite easy. After the old tire is washed, a new tire tread will be created with a cutter. Then use black varnish to spray on the tire. To create new tire specifications, the old parameter is worn by an abrasive machine, and then pressed into the spot by a hot press.

Besides remodeling the tires, people often refurbish them as well car wheels.

Change equipment to upgrade version

One way of increasing car price car It is very effective to change equipment to upgrade to high version. This is a scam that is quite popular with the tax refund taxi. Because taxis are usually cheap versions eg Toyota Vios Limo, Toyota Innova J, Hyundai i10 lack of version … When the sale is very devalued, few people buy.

To increase the price, you can add equipment to upgrade versions for old cars

So the seller chooses the “butt cheek”, “degree” way to upgrade the car to higher versions. For example Old Toyota Vios Limo version upgraded to G or E version, Old Toyota Innova J version upgraded to E version, Old Hyundai i10 the missing version, the full version …

Change the number of frames, vehicle papers

There are many tricks of the world in the profession to help “transform” an unknown car into a “standard” car. Smuggled vehicles, cars with accidents, old cars, stolen cars … can borrow real papers and redo them number frames – the vehicle’s engine number to match the document. Or it is possible that the frame number or the machine number are real but the papers are forged.

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