Epson launches "Be Cool" media campaign, protecting the environment with technology - VnReview

Epson launches “Be Cool” media campaign, protecting the environment with technology – VnReview

For many industries, one of the prominent side effects of increasing output is the impact on the environment, typically resource abuse resulting in a significant increase in carbon emissions. For businesses, it will be a difficult problem to ensure both productivity and sustainability, but it is not necessary that businesses have to trade off either.

This is the premise of Be Cool, a media campaign towards sustainable printing announced by Epson Southeast Asia. The campaign was launched to convey a message: each business can simultaneously optimize business efficiency and productivity, while minimizing its negative impact on the environment. Businesses can join Epson’s technology to make the choice of a sustainable business simpler than ever.

Highlights of the campaign are Epson’s line of EcoTank inkjet printers and high-performance business printers, using exclusive Heat-Free Technology to bring many benefits to customers. row. Additionally, the campaign introduces the world’s first waterless paper recycling process, PaperLab.

The EcoTank series of inkjet printers and high-performance business printers use thermal technology in the inkjet process, which means less power consumption and significant cost savings. With this unique technology, the printer will not need to radiate heat to preheat, helping users save time with fast printing speed. These two models also use fewer replacement parts and consumables, reducing user intervention and contributing to increased productivity.

The environmental message is also conveyed by Epson through the world’s first office paper recycling system, PaperLab. Applying Dry Fiber technology, PaperLab turns used paper into new paper in just 3 minutes. It uses only about 1/100 of the water needed to generate the same amount of paper, so the business saves water while reducing the amount of paper it has to transport to recycling plants.

PaperLab technology both saves water, uses less heat, reduces carbon emissions, and saves wood resources. Combined with Epson’s heat-free printing solutions, PaperLab helps build recycling systems right in the office, boosting a circular economy in the corporate environment. Halfway through the paper recycling process, the system removes the ink and toner, and converts the waste paper into fibers. This keeps business information safe.


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