EPOS announces active noise canceling wireless gaming headset and microphone

EPOS, the Danish company that recently broke away from Sennheiser, just held an online conference on the importance of audio in video games. A wireless gaming headset with active noise reduction and a microphone have been announced.

Danish manufacturer EPOS broke away from giant Sennheiser only a few months ago. With its parent company Demant, which specializes in audio and especially hearing aids, EPOS plans to strengthen its excellent reputation in the world of gaming. It has already launched several products, including true wireless GTW 270 Hybrid headphones designed for gamers and GSP 670 wireless gaming headset highly recommended by the community.

The GSP 670 EPOS / SENNHEISER wireless gaming headset
The GSP 670 EPOS / SENNHEISER wireless gaming headset – Credit: EPOS

On the occasion of its online event ” The Power of Audio in Gaming EPOS has announced its plans for the future of audio in video games. He also took the opportunity to teaser his next-gen products, namely active noise canceling wireless gaming headset and microphone.

EPOS focuses on active noise reduction for its gaming headsets

At present, active noise reduction is more for everyday headphones. To name just a few models from our list of the best noise canceling headphones, there is the Bose Headphones 700 which succeeds the famous QC35 II and the Sony WH-1000XM4 which we believe has the best noise reduction on the market. However, EPOS does not aim at all to compete with these products from the audio giants. Its aim is to make video games more immersive than ever with exceptional audio quality.

The Danish manufacturer has announced a new helmet, the name of which we do not yet know. This wireless gaming headset takes the design of its predecessors. Its great novelty is active noise reduction. As EPOS underlined in its presentation, active noise reduction will soon occupy a very important place within its range. In fact, Bose also recently launched its gaming headset with active noise reduction, the QuietComfort 35 II Gaming Headset​. It is already available in the United States, but we do not have a release date in France yet.

Then, EPOS teased a microphone dedicated to content creators. Our colleagues fromAndroid Central specified that this microphone is made of aluminum and metal. It comes with an articulated arm and a support to put it on a table. At the moment, we have no information on the new EPOS gaming headset and microphone. However, the Danish company confirmed that both products will be marketed this year.

Source : Android Central

Auriane Polge

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