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Epidemic to the evening of 12/11: The race for the position to bring the vaccine to the earliest market is heating up

– Today recorded 01 new case of foreigners entering from Hungary immediately quarantined. So far we have a total of 1,253 people infected with the virus.

World situation

– There is more information from companies about the type of vaccine they are working on. However, in this top race, the fact that they used information RNA synthesis technology to activate the immune system with great success, but it was difficult to preserve them. The two vaccines using this technology by Pfizer and Moderna both require very high storage, Pfizer at -70 degrees C, and with Moderna at -20 degrees C.
Moderna is expected to get a vaccine availability result by the end of this month.
– The US state of Texas is the first state with more than 1 million cases, second is California, is also close to 1 million. In the US, the number of new infections increased by more than 1 million in just the first 10 days of November.
The head of the White House political affairs department also announced that he was infected with the virus.

A bar in New York, now bars will have to close again as infections rise again

– The UK recorded more than 50,000 deaths from the pandemic. The country also recently completed its first week of blockades in a four-week nationwide blockade to stop the spread of the virus.
Germany recorded the highest number of covid-19 related deaths since April until now. The country’s health minister warned that the epidemic is not currently under control because the infection rate is still high and it will take a while before it reaches a peak.
Italy has crossed the 1 million cases mark, now there are 10 countries with more than 1 million cases. In Italy the number of deaths due to the pandemic is also preparing to surpass 43,000. Many hospitals are so overwhelmed that they need to treat patients in their vehicles.
– The number of hospital beds for those in need of special care in France has been doubled. During the infection at the beginning of the year, the number of special-care beds was about 5,000, now France has increased to 10,000 to cope with the epidemic. According to current estimates up to 92.5% of the overall number of hospital beds nationwide were reserved for covid-19 patients.
– Spain is the 4th country in Europe to surpass 40 thousand people die from pandemic. The country also requires everyone who wants to enter the country to have a PCR result negative for the virus within the previous 72 hours.
– Slovakian government decided to prolong the emergency until the end of the year to fight the epidemic.
– Sweden will ban the sale of alcoholic beverages after 10pm in order to reduce the frequency of people drinking at night, leading to the risk of spreading the virus.
– New Zealand announced they had just discovered 1 case in the community, before that there was no travel history at all. Soon after, Auckland called on people to work from home tomorrow until it was found out why this person was infected.
Mongolia recorded the first infections in the community after 1 truck driver infecting his wife and children and 2 family members after he ended the 3 weeks of compulsory isolation. This man in the capital Ulaanbaatar, with the case of infection in the community, the city has to block and close schools within 3 days to find traces.
– The Delhi Supreme Court has criticized the government for loosening the epidemic prevention measures despite the rising number of cases in the New Delhi metropolitan area over the past two weeks.
– Pakistani authorities and doctors are urging people to stay at home and limit their way out in the situation where air quality in Lahore is at an alarming level. Going out of the house in addition to being at risk of viral infection can also lead to other respiratory illnesses, adding to the burden on the health system that is wriggling against covid-19.
– Turkey bans smoking in public places to reduce the risk of spreading the virus because when smokers have to pull down their masks while smoking, that’s when the virus can spread fastest. The country is still only reporting people with symptoms
– President Bolsonaro of Brazil continued to make shocking statements when asked about the pandemic. He thinks everyone will die then, so people should not escape this truth and urged people not to let others think that Brazil is a cowardly country. There have been more than 163,000 Brazilians dying from covid-19 now. In another move, the health sector of the country has restarted China’s vaccine trials, before the president had abruptly ordered these tests to be stopped.


A patient infected with the virus is being taken to a hospital in France

– French Polynesia, a territory outside of France, is witnessing a very high increase in the number of infections and deaths per capita. Currently, the number of infected cases here has exceeded 11 thousand people and 52 people have died.
– Vanuatu has just recorded the first case and has conducted a blockade of the entire Efate coup to trace it.
– The Marshall Islands announced they had 1 case, but now recovered and they no longer have any virus infections.
Gibraltar, territories outside the UK, recorded the first death.
– South Africa completely removed all flight restrictions in this country. Fully open to incoming passengers if they have a virus-negative certificate. However, the president still urged people to wear masks to prevent the spread of the epidemic into the community.
– The day the company’s vaccine was 90% effective against the virus, the Pfizer CEO sold his shares and raised the proceeds of up to $ 5.6 billion.
The WHO says clinical trials of other vaccines should continue, regardless of the results of some other vaccines in place to ensure coverage and give humanity more options.

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