Epidemic to April 19: The Ministry of Health proposed to set the epidemic warning level at the highest level at the southwest border

– China is expected to allow the first form of vaccine cooperation with foreign countries in this country. In the near future, they will approve the vaccines of Fosun pharmaceutical company in cooperation with BioNTech, which is cooperating with Pfizer to introduce the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine form.
– Hong Kong will suspend flights from India, Pakistan and the Philippines for 2 weeks after the N501Y variant is discovered in this city. These 3 countries are on the extremely high risk list and many people have returned from these countries with the aforementioned variation.
– The Government of India affirms that it will reserve extra beds for patients with covid-19 in the context of a serious shortage of beds for these people. The lack of equipment and supplies needed to first aid the sick is also happening in many states, with the railways of the country taking the initiative to use separate trains for the transport of necessities. and medical oxygen to those states that are in short supply.

Indians continue to take a bath in the Ganges River during the Shahi Snan festival, despite the number of cases there is skyrocketing.

– New Delhi capital of India goes into a series of new blockade days when the number of cases here increases by tens of thousands of people each day.
– Cambodia is very strong with people who violate anti-epidemic regulations. Now those who violate can be imprisoned up to 20 years, which many human rights groups consider it the dictatorship of the government.
Thailand today recorded nearly 1,400 new cases, slightly lower than the peak of nearly 1,800 cases a few days earlier. Currently, the government has not issued a blockade or curfew to avoid adversely affecting the people. However, if the situation worsens then the order will most likely be issued.
– Canada will set aside about $ 9.6 billion to implement post-translation support measures. Most will go to businesses preparing to repay their debt next June so that they have money to repay debt as well as money to recruit employees. The government is also expected to send health workers to assist the province of Ontario, especially the city of Toronto, to help the region fight the epidemic more effectively.
– The President of Venezuela said today they will pay the rest of the money so they can get 11 million more doses of vaccine from the covid-19 program.

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