Epic Store gives free Dungeons 3 game

Epic Store gives free Dungeons 3 game

This week, the strategy game masterpiece Dungeons 3 will be the next free game of the Epic Store, specifically from November 8 to November 12, 2020, those who own this platform account can receive, download and play the game Dungeons 3 for free without losing. any fees at all.

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Dungeons 3 is the next version of the series of games of the same name with familiar real-time strategy gameplay on PC, after downloading and installing for free Dungeons 3 players as the commander of the underground cave building. Soldiers fighting everywhere with the aim of dominating the continent

Epic Store Tang Mien Phi Game Dungeons 3

Instructions to download and play for free game Dungeons 3 on Epic Store

How to get free game Dungeons 3

Step 1: As we said above, the Epic Games Store only gives Dungeons 3 free to those who are trusting and using their platform, so you need to sign up for an account. Here, if it is, skip this step to the next step.

Reference: How to sign up for an Epic Games account

Step 2: Use the registered account login to the system Epic Games Store, access the link to get free Dungeons 3 game on Epic Store Here.

Step 3: Next, click Get on the right side of the screen with the dashed amount and the word Free on the top to start receiving free Dungeons 3 game

Epic Store Tang Mien Phi Game Dungeons 3 2

Step 4: In the table Checkout, check order information at the item Order Summary before clicking Place Order, get the game Dungeons 3 for free without having to pay any fees.

Epic Store Tang Mien Phi Game Dungeons 3 3

If you get notified Thank you means you’ve added Dungeons 3 to your list of free games. To play the game Dungeons 3 you need to install software Epic Games Launcher, download and install directly from their copyright game management software.

Reference: How to download and receive free games on Epic Games Store

Epic Store Tang Mien Phi Game Dungeons 3 4

Remember, the event receiving the Dungeons 3 copyrighted game on Epic Store only takes place within a week, after 11/12/2020 users want to play, it takes 29.99 USD (nearly 700K VND) to buy. So, if you do not play, just get them to prevent the use of money later.


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