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Epic Hi Plus One: Aesthetic Adventure “Alto Collection” will be free next week

Today (August 5th) the publisher Snowman announced that it will release “The Alto Collection” on Xbox One, PS4, Switch and Epic on August 13th, including “Alto’s Adventure” and ” Alto’s Odyssey” two games.And when the game is launched on Epic on August 13, players can claim it for free, and the deadline is August 20.


“Alto’s Adventure” and “Alto’s Odyssey” are beautiful adventure games developed by Team Alto for mobile phones. After the games were launched, they received unanimous praise. The player will play Alto on an adventure, crossing the snow-capped mountains and crossing winding rivers and valleys. Snowman founder and creative director Ryan Cash said that since “Alto’s Adventure” was released in 2015, players have always hoped to experience it on other platforms.


Developer Harry Nesbitt said: “I am really excited to see “Alto” all the way to the present. We always believe that these two minimalist styles and immersive experience games can be suitable for PC and console. We are very I am glad to have the opportunity to share our game with more players.”


The game will be available on Xbox One, PS4, Switch and Epic platforms on August 13th, and players can receive them for free on the Epic platform.




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