Epic Games Store – On the Road to Madness with Sunless Sea

Available for free on the Epic Games Store since Thursday, February 18, Absolute Drift and Rage 2 Like the titles that preceded them, they will have to give way to a new game. The latter, offered on February 25, will lead players far from the shores, on a sea of ​​ink where terror reigns supreme.

Sunless Sea - a very Lovecraftian crossing

Released in 2015, Sunless Sea is an adventure / survival game with a strong narrative imprint. It takes place in the very Victorian and Lovecraftian universe that it shares with the text game Fallen London. London has become “Fallen London”, absorbed into a lightless world called “Neath” and now sits on the coast of a vast ocean called “Unterzee”.

If Fallen London (the game) invites you to make your hole in this alternative London, Sunless Sea encourages you to explore what the underground sea hides.

Sunless Sea - an island in darkness

And this trip is not a joyous peregrination on the waves. You have to grope your way through the darkness among which lurk pirates and sea monsters. And if these outside threats don’t get the better of you and your crew, a more insidious evil could happen. Indeed, you have to deal with a bar of madness which, once full, triggers events that can sign the end of your adventure.

Fortunately, in the event of a Game over, it is possible to pass part of your earnings to an “heir”, allowing you to leave with more luck. A mechanic giving the game a Rogue lite dimension.

Although relying heavily on its very high quality writing, Sunless Sea also presents very well visually. The phosphorescent nuances of the islands and their fauna, stand out with the black in which bathes a good from the screen. Everything contributes to generate fear and unease. The same goes musically with a soundtrack that knows how to be discreet while matching the atmosphere of the title.

The only downside to Sunless Sea is that it is only available in English language which can be a problem for people. Especially since it is necessary to read a lot. But if the language is not a constraint then we can only advise you to get Sunless Sea on the Epic Games Store from February 25.


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