Warning: Epic Games Store is running background tasks that reduce laptop battery life - Photo 1.

Epic Games Store is running background tasks that decrease laptop battery life

Laptop gamers have always had a headache with battery life, even as gaming laptops have improved a lot over the past few years. And with the following information, perhaps gamers who are using laptops will have to be a lot more hesitant.

According to the test results of PC World on Microsoft Surface Pro 7+, they suddenly discovered that Epic Games Store always runs in the background in the taskbar and consumes a small amount of battery. Tests showed that the Epic Games Store reduced battery life by an average of 20% on the Pro 7+ and an 8% reduction on the Microsoft Surface Laptop 3. Similar tests were done with Steam running in the background, however to a degree. The battery drain of this app is negligible.

As soon as this information was announced, Epic Games Store responded to PC World immediately. Fortnite’s “father” said it has recorded PC World’s experimental results and is working hard to improve performance and reduce the power consumption of the app.

Thus, the Epic Games Store running in the background and draining a lot of battery on the laptop is completely real. This is unhappy news for many gamers, especially those who are using a laptop as a gaming machine. Perhaps, more people will have to hesitate when choosing between Steam and Epic Games Store.

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