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Epic Games Store confronted its opponent, planning to “crush his head and laugh” Steam in the next 2 years


Although faced with many objections from the gaming community, Epic Games Store is still determined to maintain its “monopoly” path. In the next two years, the world’s leading video game publishing platform plans to expand into more exclusive titles than ever.

Epic Games Store confronted its opponent, planning to

In the past few years, Epic Games Store has emerged as a formidable force in the global game publishing market. Although being a behind-the-scenes platform, but with two big strategies, Epic Games Store is blowing heat on the back of Steam, the number 1 brand in this field for the past 10 years.

Two strategies to help Epic take a short cut are giving away free games and releasing exclusive games. With free games, Epic has done a great job in the past 2 years. In 2020 alone, 750,000 game versions will be donated to the community. This terrible figure shows that Epic possesses a bottomless rebuilding potential, ready to defeat any competitor, including Steam.

With the exclusive game, Epic has also done very well their goals when they successfully attracted many of Steam’s longtime partners. To be able to negotiate with manufacturers in the exclusive release of games on Epic Store, in addition to minimizing service fees, the platform also uses a “hand-to-hand” amount to convince partners. This amount, known as the “exclusive fee”, is passed on to manufacturers by Epic Store regardless of the sales of the game.

Epic Games Store crushed its opponents, planning to

Taking Control’s example, Epic spent $ 10.45 million (~ VND 240 billion) to pay exclusive fees to producer duo 505 Games and Remedy Entertainment. In which, 505 Games enjoy 45%, the rest belongs to Remedy Entertainment.

As such, we now understand why manufacturers are so well suited to partnering with the Epic Games Store. In addition to the very cheap service fee of only 12% (with Steam it will be 30%), Epic partners will receive an extra exclusive fee. In terms of total revenue, the partnership with Epic Store is very profitable if compared to Steam or other platforms. This is the main reason why many game developers did not hesitate to “oust” Steam to “return to the Epic Games Store team”.

The above policy will continue to be vigorously implemented by the Epic Games Store in 2021. As Hitman 3 is an example. The first blockbuster of the new year is currently released exclusively on Epic for the PC version. This makes the Steam community just cry and wait.

Epic Games Store struggled to face off with its opponents, planning to

Hitman 3 is exclusive to Epic Games Store.

Speaking on PC Gamer, Epic representatives said they will continue their chosen path. In the next 2 years, the number of exclusive games will increase even more strongly. Even Epic Games claims they have acquired an extremely large number of exclusive games, larger than the rest of this market. And when that scenario happens, maybe Steam fans will really have to reconsider their gameplay style.

In this race, who will be the winner? Does Steam have a new strategy in response to this formidable challenger? Time will give us the most accurate answer.


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