EPF: Mitigating guesswork, protecting 14.6 million members-United Daily

The Executive Provident Fund (EPF) Chief Executive Officer Tunku Ali Chakiri issued a statement on Friday saying that the government’s final decision and clear instructions on the North-South Avenue Company will ease long-term speculation and allow all parties to move forward.

The statement said that reducing tolls will benefit CPF members because they account for the majority of the 1.7 million daily users of the PLUS highway, which also indicates that the government is very sensitive to the interests of 14.6 million CPF members.

The statement pointed out that the provident fund bureau will work closely with PLUS and related units to meet the government’s request to reduce the toll by 18% from February 1, 2020 as soon as possible.

At the same time, Tunku Ali Chagiri said that as a holder of PLUS ‘Islamic bonds (Sukuk), the bureau will also work with other Islamic bond holders to ensure that their common interests are protected.

The statement said that based on past experience, the bureau believes that the government will accept the response well and take corresponding action.

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