Entertainment information: Huo Jianhua, Ruby Lin's birthday, Gao Jialang apologizes to fans, suspected Huang Zitao posted a comment on Gao Jialang

Entertainment information: Huo Jianhua, Ruby Lin’s birthday, Gao Jialang apologizes to fans, suspected Huang Zitao posted a comment on Gao Jialang

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Entertainment Information: Huo Jianhua, Ruby Lin’s birthday, Gao Jialang apologizes to fans, suspected Huang Zitao to post comments on Gao Jialang

The news about Huo Jianhua’s Ruby Ruby’s birthday caused a heated discussion among netizens, and was on the hot search list. It is reported that January 27 is Ruby Ruby’s 45th birthday, and in the early hours of this morning, she also posted on the public platform. Huo Jianhua’s birthday photo, the copywriting sweetly wrote: “Thank you dear, I hope that all of you I love are safe, healthy and happy.” From the photos sent by Ruby Lin, you can see Huo Jianhua and Lin Xinru close their faces together. Smile sweetly at the mirror. Although the content is short, it reveals happiness and sweetness! In this regard, netizens and friends also sighed, “It’s very sweet, so affectionate!” and expressed “I hope the two will have more sugar in the future.”

It is reported that Ruby Lin has disclosed before. She said that “This year’s birthday is for Huo Jianhua to book a restaurant in advance and let her only go to it.” In fact, since the two got married, there have been rumors about the emotional discord between the two, and they have been photographed quarreling in the street. However, Huo Jianhua once said with emotion that “the real thing is true, the fake is the fake”, obviously denying Rumors of emotional discord between the two.

However, netizens still speculated about the relationship between the two before, because they found that Ruby Lin had deleted the close photo with Huo Jianhua and there was a lot of discussion. To this, Ruby Lin’s agent also made a corresponding answer, directly replying that “It’s nothing, you don’t have to think too much.” However, the news of Huo Jianhua’s Ruby Lin’s birthday this time was to overturn the rumors that the two were at odds.

Yesterday, the news about “Gao Jialang’s public love affair, being scolded by fans to cheat money” can be said to have once boarded the ranks of the hot search list and ranked at the forefront.

It is reported that this person, as a trainee of the 19th “Creation Camp” audition program, had set up a single person when participating in the show, and when the news of his girlfriend was exposed at the time, the studio responded to the rumors and called it untrue, but But yesterday, when she said she had been in a relationship with an amateur girlfriend for 9 years, she was beaten in the face.

In general, in 2019, Gao Jialang studio rejected the rumors and denied the romance, and set up a single person for himself when participating in the audition show. He was urged to sing by fans for more than a year. Yesterday, the song was released under the name of his girlfriend, and the new song was still with his girlfriend. Completed in cooperation. No wonder fans have said that they have been “deceived” and bluntly said that “Gao Jialang has no heart.”

Gao Jialang himself also responded to the comment of a fan with the highest popularity in the relevant dynamic comment area, for which he expressed “sorry”. In fact, I think it’s not the idol’s love that fans can’t accept, but that the artist has concealed his love affair from fans for two years, and now he shows his love to his girlfriend in a high profile. The official announcement, but deceived the fans’ feelings for a long time, secretly earning fans’ money with his girlfriend. This time when things came out, not only the studio’s statement of refuting the romance before the face was slapped, but also his single character set was slapped, and the reply made by this person yesterday afternoon was also very insincere.

It is reported that because Gao Jialang’s house collapsed, a recording of a suspected boss talking with a fan about another star’s love relationship came out. In the recording, Gao Jialang’s boss directly stated that “Lu Han lost his followers because of Guan Xiaotong.” In fact, his boss wanted to talk to fans. It proves that Gao Jialang is not in love, so netizens speculate that this person’s love is also hidden from the boss. Now that Gao Jialang’s incident has been exposed, fans have also exposed the relevant recordings, which has caused many doubts.

And Huang Zitao, who has always been very daring to say, also complained yesterday that “entertainment industry threshold is getting lower and lower” combined with Gao Jialang’s romance at the top of the hot search list, so many people think that Huang Zitao is commenting on Gao Jialang’s incident.

The editor believes that now is the age of looking at faces. Many artists with low academic qualifications have become the top in the circle. The phenomenon of looking at faces is getting more and more serious in the circle. As long as they can establish a circle with fans by virtue of their appearance and standing. , Basically even if it is stable. While the powerful works are ignored, more attention is paid to popularity and traffic. In recent years, the threshold of the entertainment industry has indeed been lower and lower. What do you think of it?


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