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Enter the battlefield of adventure cars! “Africa Twin 250/TRACER 250” ready to go?

When the development of environmental regulations reaches a watershed, the motorcycle industry will naturally usher in a process of generational change, and the various models on the market will definitely undergo major changes. This time, let us try to speculate on the future of motorcycles with desire and delusion based on the knowledge and sixth sense of “Young Machine” for 48 years.

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Original reference: Enter the adventure car battlefield! “Africa Twin 250/TRACER 250” ready to go?

This time, let us predict the 250c.c. sports utility vehicle that has passed Euro 5 exhaust emission standards and has become closer to the adventure model.

Popular genres in the popularity level will surely sell well as long as they are released!

Although in the 250c.c. level with countless popular models, the sales volume of SUZUKI V-Strom 250 is still growing. One of the reasons why this car is so loved by everyone is its adventure-like appearance and engine characteristics suitable for driving.

Although HONDA’s “CRF250L/Rally” seems to be slightly ahead of V-Strom, the editorial department of “Young Machine” predicts that the 2021-style V-Strom 250 will counterattack after a full revision. What we are most looking forward to is the appearance similar to CRF1100L Africa Twin.

Although the current STD version is a standard off-road vehicle, the Rally version was designed with reference to the CRF450L racing car of the Paris Da Cala Rally. Therefore, I very much hope that the next generation V-Strom 250 will comply with Euro 5 emission standards while also It can use exterior kits that are reminiscent of the popular CRF series flagship car, Africa Twin.

In addition, we predict that YAMAHA, which currently has no adventure models, should also start to take action. We very much look forward to this car being “Tracer 250”. In Indonesia, where YZF-R25 and MT-25 are produced, rumors began to appear a long time ago, and the local media even reported a large number of simulated CG images of Tracer 250.

Tracer now has 900 and 700, and the analog CG diagram looks more like 700. Because the prototype is the MT-25, it is very suitable for the inverted front fork obtained after the 2020 revision; now that the SEROW 250 has become the final model, it is even more eager for this car to actually appear.

HONDA CRF250L/Rally: At the time of this comprehensive revision, people are even more looking forward to the appearance of “Mini Africa Twin”

Japan’s lighting certification standards have changed from June 2020, and the CRF250 series will also be revised like YAMAHA SEROW. CRF is also currently available for sale in Europe, and the current model is applicable to Euro 4 exhaust emission standards, so we speculate that before the end of 2020 when Euro 5 exhaust emission standards are fully implemented, HONDA should announce the next generation of CRF250.

Since the REBEL 250 equipped with the same series of water-cooled single-cylinder engines has passed Euro 5 exhaust emission standards in 2020 and has newly added a sliding clutch, CRF is also highly likely to be equipped with the same engine. If the next-generation CRF250 can adopt the Africa Twin exterior kit, and then achieve lightweight, and add a new instrument panel, it would be great.

HONDA CRF250L/Rally[Refer to the simulation diagram].

■Water-cooled four-stroke single-cylinder engine 249c.c., 24ps, 2.3kg-m, 157kg (equipment weight) ●Price in Japan including tax: 71,500 yen. ※All the above are Rally’s data specifications

[Prototype: 2020 HONDA CRF250L/RALLY]The 250L is the successor to the traditional XL/XR, which came out in 2012. The Rally version uses the Paris Da Cala Rally style exterior kit, exclusive shock absorbers and binocular LED headlights.

■Water-cooled four-stroke parallel twin-cylinder engine 1,082cc, 102ps, 10.7kg-m, 226kg (equipment weight) ●Price in Japan including tax: 1.617 million yen to 1.277,000 yen. ※The above are all data specifications of the STD version

[Family model: HONDA CRF1100L AFRICA TWIN]The boss of the CRF-L series is proud of its excellent off-road performance without picking the road. The appearance feature is the use of small upper fairing and large shield, single lamp housing + double-eye LED lights.

YAMAHA Tracer250: Has applied for a design patent abroad, and looks similar to the new Tracer 700

Although the source is unknown, it is now possible to see simulated CG drawings that may be registered design patents circulating on the Internet. With the new MT-25 and a fairing similar to the Tracer 700, the whole car looks very compact, which is exactly the “Tracer 250”.

If you overlap the MT-25 with this car, you can find that the car body shape will be renewed in 2020, and even the 44mm handlebar will be exactly the same. The straightback riding posture and the long windshield with high windproof effect will definitely make it easy to cruise on the highway. This car, like the new CRF250, should be warmly welcomed by everyone.

YAMAHA TRACER 250[Refer to the simulation diagram].

■Water-cooled four-stroke parallel twin-cylinder 124c.c., 9.4ps, 1.1kg-m, 107kg (equipment weight) ●Price in Japan including tax: 621,500 yen.

[Prototype car: YAMAHA MT-25]The NK street car version of the R25 has a φ37mm inverted front fork added to the 2020 model. The instrument panel of the LCD screen and the sharp-lined exterior kit make it more attractive.

■Water-cooled four-stroke parallel double cylinder 689c.c., 73.4ps, 6.93kg-m, 196kg (equipment weight).

[Family model: Tracer 700]A sports utility vehicle based on the MT-07, it will pass Euro 5 exhaust emission standards in 2020, and it will get eyebrow-shaped position lights and LED double fish-eye projection lights. It looks exactly like an R1 station wagon.

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