Enlist the troubled US, Germany is in pain to clear Nord Stream 2?

Enlist the troubled US, Germany is in pain to clear Nord Stream 2?

(News 24h) – While the US describes the sudden conflict with domestic Covid-19 and tensions with China, Germany is determined not to let the Nord Stream 2 project stand still.

In an interview with Funke Mediengruppe published on July 22, Director of the German Economic Commission for Eastern Europe Economic Relations Michael Harms said that the German Economic Commission is considering measures to respond to sanctions by USA for Nord Stream 2.

“So far, we have always warned against tough US sanctions, because we don’t want to go into the sanctions spiral,” said Mr Harms.

The German Economic Commission is working on concrete measures, Mr. Harms said.

“The measures can include clear political statements, compensation for local companies, up to German defensive sanctions,” said Mr Harms.

In addition, Mr. Harms warned that the US government could block the accounts of companies participating in the gas project and impose sanctions on the banks that finance the project, ”Mr. Harms added. .

Painting My whip, how did Duc start to open Nord Stream 2?
Duc decided to find a way to open the Nord Stream 2 project

According to Mr Harms, the threat of US sanctions could set a “dangerous precedent”. “The European Union (EU) needs to work more effectively to combat this. Other countries need to avoid similar ideas, ”noted Mr. Harms.

According to information from the East German Business Association (OAOEV), the US Embassy in Berlin has started inviting companies to discuss the Nord Stream 2 project of Russia.

The head of the East German Business Association noted that “The US Embassy in Berlin needs to propose specific negotiation dates for certain companies. We consider such actions to be inconsistent with partner”.

According to Mr. Harms, German businesses still appreciate Nord Stream 2 as an extremely important project. This project will help secure gas supplies, keep prices low and help protect the climate.

Because of the importance of Nord Stream 2, it is understandable for Germany to find ways to protect this project. In particular, Germany must have a reason to choose this time to “counterattack” to the US, determined to open the project, it is because the US is frantically dealing with the domestic Covid-19 epidemic as new infections continue. dizzying increase.

The United States still leads the world in cases of Covid-19 cases and deaths. Outside, Washington is also grappling with growing tensions with China.

Earlier, the US House of Representatives approved a draft defense budget for 2021, which included an extension of sanctions for the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project. Project sanctions are added to draft defense budgets to speed up the implementation of sanctions.

Under the new bill, sanctions for this project will be tighter to target even businesses to facilitate the sale or lease of pipeline ships for gas pipeline construction.

Prior to this move, the United States also imposed sanctions against companies engaged in tubing and insurance companies related to the Nord Stream 2 project.



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