Enlist compatriots in distress, Oppo wants to replace Huawei in Europe - VnReview

Enlist compatriots in distress, Oppo wants to replace Huawei in Europe – VnReview

In the context of Huawei’s business decline in Europe, Oppo expressed its ambition to replace the less fortunate fellow.

Follow SCMPChinese phone maker Oppo is in the process of renewing its contract with operator Vodafone. The goal is to strengthen the partnership and both promote Oppo phone sales, amid Huawei’s struggles over the lack of Google GMS services and a prolonged pandemic.

Vodafone will become Oppo’s distributor in Germany, England, Spain, Portugal, Romania and Turkey, according to Oppo. The company is pushing for a global strategy to strengthen its brand position in foreign markets, taking advantage of the time when Huawei was persecuted by the US, leading to difficult business. Not only has Google been prevented from using its mobile service plan, Huawei recently risked having its chip supply cut off from TSMC. A series of incidents put Huawei phones in a position that is difficult to compete with rivals.

Oppo is very focused on the high-end and high-end segments, ambition to replace Huawei

Oppo currently holds 2% market share in the European market. Above them are Xiaomi ranked 4th with 14% market share, Huawei ranked second with 21%. “Oppo is confident that our industry-leading products will help Vodafone succeed in the 5G era.” – Oppo Vice President announced. Oppo sales have increased 10-fold in the first three months of this year. With the announcement of the Find X2 series, the company showed its determination to attack the high-end segment.

Chinese phone companies are actively expanding their presence in Asian and European markets as consumers are willing to pay for high-end models. The company has provided statistics from September last year, more than half of its sales are from international markets, showing that when Huawei is in trouble, Oppo is one of the favorable names. The company expects the proportion of contributions from foreign countries to continue to increase as they promote promotion in new markets.

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