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Enjoy it once! China International Motorcycle Expo is about to start

What do you want to see most at the Motorcycle Expo? Of course it is the car you like! That’s right, for us, motorcycles are the supreme belief, our brand name, the symbol of individuality, and the embodiment of unwillingness to be ordinary and the pursuit of freedom in our bones.

Cool motorcycles roared past, attracting countless lights. This is the superb scenery on the road, the visual gift given to the world by industrial manufacturing, and the love of our life. We love motorcycles more than life. Let us liberate our nature and become a better version of ourselves.

CIMAMotor Motorcycle Friends’ Favorite Model of the Year Selection

Make the list for the car

The annual model selection event is the motorcycle industry’s comprehensive review and display of newly launched motorcycle products this year.

This year’s China Motorcycle Expo has added CIMAMotor’s favorite motorcycle models of the year. Motorcyclists from all over the world personally voted online to compete for the favorite models of motorcycles from this year’s motorcycle expo. Including fuel vehicles and electric vehicles: motorcycle travel to humans, passionate sports, urban commuting and production tools, elegant retro, and electric vehicle innovation design awards, a total of five categories, 25 models.

Not only that, some of the winning models will also be one of the Mystery Awards of the Night of Motorcycle Friends, shake and give away at the scene, and the motorcyclists in the main venue and 8 branch venues across the country will cheer and cheer.

I can’t wait to know which models are participating; let’s witness the emergence of the favorite models of motorcycle friends.

Motorcycle trip to human



3.Ducati Multistrada 1260

4.Kawasaki Versys-X 300

5.Suzuki DL1050

6.Suzuki DL650

7.Benelli 2020 style TRK502

8.VOGE Promise 500DS

9. Everest Excelle Excelle 500X

10. Everest Excelle Excelle 400X

11. Construction of Xiangshuai Heavy Machinery Yulong JSX700i

12. Jinan Suzuki GIXXER NK version

13.Moto Guzzi V85TT

14.Zongshen aprilia SR MAX250

Passionate sports

1.BMW S1000RR



4.Ducati Panigale V4

5.Kawasaki Ninja H2

6.VOGE Promise 300GY

7. Jinan Suzuki GIXXER

8.QJMOTOR chases 600


10. Zongshen Z0 on the move

11.Peugeot motorcycle SPEEDFIGHT4 150CC

12..Zongshen aprilia GPR150ABS

13.Earth Eagle King DD400E-8D

14.Huanjue pedal VSP side three wheels

15. Heaven and Earth Ranger Motong D5 TD150-3

16. Norma Phantom 255S

Urban commuting and production tools

1.Ducati Monster 821

2.Kawasaki Z900

3.Piaggio MP3 300 hpe Sport

4. Fighting wind D1


6.VOGE Promise 500R

7. Jinan Suzuki UU125T-2

8. Jinan Suzuki UY125T

9. Jinan Suzuki QS110T-3

10.Tairong Trailblazer TR400

11.Tairong Pathfinder TR300

12. Zongshen MO Yue

Elegant retro class



3.Ducati Scrambler Cafe Racer

4.Kawasaki W800 Cafe

5.Peugeot Django

6.Vespa Primavera 150

7. Murray 800cc Little Devil

8. Everest Excelle Excelle 500F

9.Benelli Cub 800

10.VOGE Promise 300AC


12.Bunda Jinjira

13. Zongshen WEEK8

14.Yangtze River Bobbie III

15.Small Pa C1

16. Leicadi domineering RX7B (LKD650-2)

17. Leicadi domineering RX7 (LKD650)

18. Leicadi domineering RX3B (LKD250-2)

19. Leicadi domineering RX3 (LKD250)

Electric Vehicle Innovation Design Award


2. Dongdong BO

3. Moring MOi

4. Horned Dragon Technology Storm Bee

5. Qiulong Technology Light Bee S

6.Guanglong Technology Light Bee X

Even though the epidemic is spreading globally, the domestic motorcycle market has expanded against the market and has become the world’s largest market. As the largest motorcycle industry expo in Asia and the second largest in the world, the scale of this motorcycle expo exceeds 80,000 square meters. The outdoor plaza will open up an interactive test drive experience area of ​​30,000 square meters. 50 vehicle brands, more than 1,000 cool show cars, dozens of national and even global debut new cars, and more than 500 companies representing 80% of the manufacturing capacity of the industry will gather to share the prosperity!

The lineup of exhibited vehicle brands is gorgeous. In this 80,000 square meter venue, you can have a panoramic view of many steel monsters at once. The internationally renowned brands harley, BMW, Kawasaki, DUCATI, Benelli, honda, Benelli, Peugeot and other domineering appearances are exciting. Secron, Promise, Spring Breeze, QJMOTOR, Qingqi Suzuki, Tairong, Benda, Excelle, Longjia, Xiangshuai Heavy Machinery, Mori, Norma, Wuyang, Dadi Yingwang, Blastone, Guangya, Reka Domestic brands such as Di, Senlan, Moring, Dongdong, Xiaopa, World of Warcraft, horned dragon, DOFERN and other domestic brands also made their debut on the stage, accepting the attention of thousands of pairs of eyes.

In addition to the new car’s explosiveness, the industry’s outstanding component brands will also be displayed on site, involving tires, electronic injection systems, shock absorbers, chains and sprockets, batteries, lubricants, intake and exhaust systems, locks, clutches, wheels, lamps and meters, Exhibitors of electric vehicle parts such as brake systems and some motors, batteries, and controllers. There are also equipment from various well-known brands at home and abroad, including helmets, clothing, tail boxes, gloves, Bluetooth headsets, and driving recorders.

Brothers, we will meet in less than a month to witness the knight event in the name of motorcycle! September 19-22, China International Motorcycle Expo, invites you to join this party for the heat, for life, for the courage to go forward, and for the lofty rights of the rider!

We are ready in Chongqing, waiting for you!

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