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Enjoy being alone! One person and one car camping to choose sleeping bags

Of course, camping requires outdoor equipment such as tents and sleeping bags. Due to the limited carrying capacity of motorcycles, there is also a knack for choosing camping items. Following the tent article in the previous article, Mr. Watanabe, the second-wheeler knight who likes camping most, will explain the related knowledge of sleeping bags, cushions and headlights.

Enjoy being alone! One person and one car camping to choose a tent

Camping, of course, requires outdoor supplies such as tents and sleeping bags. It is because of the limited loading capacity of motorcycles, so choose…Continue reading

Sleeping bag: lightweight and compact, it is a mummy type for mountaineering

In family camping, we use self-supporting tents, but in motorcycle camping, because of the limited space, the mummy sleeping bag is the most convenient because it can provide maximum warmth with a small amount of fabric.

In addition, under these circumstances, storage becomes very important. For example, in high-altitude areas or in winter, the night when the cold prevents normal sleep is more severe than you think. This alone can become a reason to hate camping. So don’t be stingy in choosing your sleeping bag, please choose a higher specification, so that you can enjoy a comfortable camping life at any time.

▲Mummy sleeping bag can completely cover the whole body when it is cold, and it can be used as a quilt by opening the side zipper when it is hot.

Point 1. Scalability

At first glance, the mummy sleeping bag looks small and restricts movement, but thanks to the elasticity of the internal elastic material, it is actually very comfortable to sleep.

Point 2. Corresponding temperature

A normal sleeping bag temperature limit will be set “If the temperature is lower than this temperature will cause bodily injury or death.” If it feels hot, you can just unzip it and put it on your body, so if you use it in summer, just choose the one that corresponds to minus 3 degrees.

Point 3. Synthetic fiber or down?

Down is the best choice for warmth, lightness and storage, but down is more expensive, so most people will choose synthetic fiber material for the first time. Although synthetic fiber will be bulkier, you can still purchase additional compression bags to further reduce the storage size .

Mat: The comfort of the camp is mainly determined by the mat

When camping, sleeping on uneven ground and pebbles, cushions under sleeping bags are essential for a good night’s sleep. In the past, a polyurethane cushion called a soft cushion was common, but in recent years, air cushions have become mainstream.

The advantage of the air cushion is that if it is a bit uneven or pebbled, not only will it not be troublesome, but it will also keep warm and keep warm. However, some people may feel that the air cushion must be inflated before use, and the air must be squeezed out before packing, which is more troublesome.

▲The thickness of the air cushion is about 3cm, which is about the size of a small raincoat after being folded. The volume is small, but it is a bit troublesome to squeeze out air when storing.

▲The thick polyurethane sleeping pad is also quite comfortable, but the size of the pad is too large and must be stuffed outside the suitcase, but it is only necessary to unfold it during use, which is very convenient to use.

Headlight: a must for hands free

Headlights are the most common outdoor lighting. The biggest advantage of headlights is that they can free your hands and see what you are doing. It is the third largest camping essential after sleeping bags and mats. There are many types of power sources such as lithium batteries and button batteries, but dry batteries, such as AA and AAA batteries, are more convenient because it allows you to buy a backup power source at any time when you travel.

In terms of brightness, 100 lumens is quite sufficient for camp-level lights.

▲Over-bright headlights illuminate the surrounding environment like searchlights. It is a very troublesome thing in camping sites, so choose a style with moderate brightness or dimming function.

▲It often happens that the battery is consumed by accidentally pressing the power supply during storage, so please choose the style with the lock function of the switch or directly remove the battery when moving.

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