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Energy Efficient Cooling: Best Window Fans For Cool, Clear Air

Window fans serve many functions, including cooling an entire room (and giving you some relief from the hot weather), providing whole room and/or house ventilation to get rid of hot, stale air or unpleasant odors, and significantly improving the air quality in your space.

These fans come in very easy, simple functioning options and include one or two fan blades that draw in cool air from the outdoors and exhaust indoor air when installed facing outward. More sophisticated window fans do all of the above and can include a remote control for convenient adjustment and an LCD screen that shows the selected indoor and current room temperature(s).

Designed to fit virtually all windows, these fans also come with extender panels that allow for a safe and customizable fit. In addition, quiet operation allows for ideal use in the bedroom, and water-resistant motors and features keep these fans safe to use during rainy weather.


1. Holmes Dual Blade Window Fan

The Holmes Twin Window Fan has reversible air blades to provide fast relief from hot weather. Its two-speed settings either draw in cool air from the outdoors or exhausts the stale indoor air when installed facing outward. It is designed to fit most double hung and slider windows and includes an adjustable extender screen and panel.

PROS: Ideal for bedroom or living room use, the quiet and efficient motors are also water-resistant and safe to use during rainy weather.

CONS: In order to take advantage of the reversible blades you have to take to physically take the fan out of the window and flip it over.

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2. Bionaire Reversible Airflow Window Fan

The Bionaire Window Fan comes with twin fan blades with independent settings that allow the fan to draw in fresh air from the outside, exhaust hot air from the inside or do both simultaneously. A programmable fan thermostat with LCD lets you select the desired room temperature and the fan automatically turns the blades on and off to maintain the selected comfort level. A built-in adjustable extender and three-speed settings allow for optimal cooling and comfort.

PROS: The Bionaire also comes with a remote control for convenient adjustment.

CONS: This is a great fan for the price point but if you want a more powerful window fan, another option might be better.

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3. Lasko 16″ Electrically Reversible Window Fan

The Lasko Reversible Window Fan provides ventilation for your entire house with an electrically reversible intake and exhaust motor. The fan also comes with three intake and exhaust speeds making it ideal for bringing cool air into your home or exhausting hot air out. The fan comes fully assembled and is easy to install, is lightweight and has expandable side panels to fit most window sizes.

PROS: A storm guard feature is included which allows you to close the window for weather protection.

CONS: The fan is made of all plastic and might not be as solid as needed.

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