Enemies on the Russian Air Force have fallen on the rebels
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Enemies on the Russian Air Force have fallen on the rebels

(News 24h) – In the last two days of August, the Russian Air Force carried out a series of air strikes on the rebel positions in Idlib, causing heavy damage.

A series of fighters of the Russian Air Force – Space has suddenly launched fierce attacks on many rebel targets in western Idlib, Syria. The AMN news agency said that Russia has carried out at least a dozen airstrikes that destroyed rebel strongholds in the region.

Simultaneously with the air bombardment, the Russian Army also dispatched reconnaissance aircraft to guide the artillery and missile units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) to fire on multiple targets of the parts. death jihad.

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Su-34 fighter jet.

According to statistics, the SAA forces fired rockets to attack terrorist targets in Al-Fterah, Kansafra, Halloubav Al-Bara and Bayanin areas in the southern part of Idlib. In addition, some rebel positions in Tqad, Kafr Ammah and Tadil west of Aleppo were also under heavy artillery.

AMN added that the joint attacks of the Russian-Syrian coalition in retaliation for the attack on Russian military convoys on August 18 led to the death of Major General Vyacheslav Gladkikh. At the same time the attacks have significantly narrowed the rebels’ positions in the region.

It is known that General Gladkikh is the Deputy Commander of the 36th Mixed Army Command of the Eastern Russian Military Region, sent to Syria to act as an advisor to the SAA force. Major General Gladkikh was killed in battle when his military convoy was hit by a homemade bomb in Deir ez-Zor, eastern Syria.

After this serious incident, the Russian Air Force – Aerospace launched a counterattack campaign to destroy a total of 327 Syrian terrorists, destroying 134 hiding places, 17 observation stations, 7 explosive warehouses. and 5 underground facilities used to store weapons and ammunition by rebels.

The Russian military regularly punishes jihadist Islamist forces after attacks, has launched a series of air strikes on bases, fortifications, and combat vehicles of Islamic groups. extremist jihad Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS, Al-Qaeda Syria), Islamic Party of Turkestan (TIP) and group Hurras Al-Deen.

The recent airstrike shows that Russia is determined to crush jihadist rebels, at the same time coordinating air strikes with the new Syrian army’s offensive campaign.

According to AMN’s prediction, it is possible that a new and more drastic attack will continue over the next few days to destroy these terrorist groups.

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