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"Endoscope" Huawei P30 Pro shows that only 1% of US components, can produce despite the embargo

The US ban on Huawei has significantly reduced the number of components that the Chinese manufacturer can buy from US companies. So does that affect the Huawei P30 Pro, the flagship model that was released before the ban was applied?

It seems that in response to this question, Nikkei recently conducted a "pecking-out" of the P30 Pro to explore the inside components of this flagship. And it turns out exactly as iFixit said, the amount of US components in the P30 Pro is only 0.9%. More specifically, Huawei's new generation flagship uses only 15 American components out of 1,631.

However, the number of components in the US accounts for 16.3% of the total component cost, corresponding to the amount of 59.36 USD. Some outstanding parts from the US in the P30 Pro can include DRAM from Micron, Gorilla Glass from Corning, …

It is not clear whether Huawei will swap components in the P30 Pro after the trade ban, but the Chinese company has been reported to stock up on components before being added to the "black list" of the United States. . In addition, some US companies are also reportedly using legal loopholes to continue selling components to Huawei.

Sforum - Latest technology information page Huawei-P30-Pro-downward-angle-2 "Endoscope" Huawei P30 Pro shows only 1% of US components, can be produced despite sanctions

However, according to the industry, Huawei will have to seek replacement for the 15 suppliers from the US who are sure to abide by the ban. Although only taking up 0.9% of components but obviously, a smartphone that wants to be fully operational cannot lack any components. The number of 0.9% is small but if not, the production of smartphones of the company will still be delayed.

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