A look back at Barcelona's Year of the Mouse: End of a dynasty

Let’s take a look at a turbulent year for the Catalan giants, it all revolves around one individual: Lionel Messi.

The Year of the Dog is about to pass, and the New Year will definitely be a new beginning for the Creeds. The past year has been a stressful one for Barcelona. The impact of the pandemic and especially the stories surrounding Lionel Messi changed the team a lot, and in a way Barca still managed to overcome the chaos.

So let us take a look at the most remarkable highlights of Barcelona in the last year of the Canh Ty.

An era is coming to an end

After losing defeats against Roma in the 2017/18 Cup, maybe Barca needs a change. After Liverpool’s spectacular comeback, Ernesto Valverde should have filed to resign. But with a shameful 2-8 defeat against Bayern Munich, the Cule understood that the pet team’s problems were not only in the coach seat.

A shocking 2-8 defeat against Bayern revealed a lot of Barca problems. (Photo: Getty)

The vote of no confidence that forced Josep Bartomeu to resign is the real end of an era with its center, whose core is none other than Lionel Messi.

During the past summer, there was constant information about whether to go or stay of the Argentine superstar, making the fans of the team no longer know whether to be happy or sad, so resentful or sympathetic to the hero. of them too.

Then when he officially stayed, some people were happy, others shook their heads in frustration when his presence was blamed as a “burden” for the team, both economically and professionally.

A look back at Barcelona's Year of the Mouse: End of a dynasty
Messi’s mind is very confused about whether to stay or go. (Photo: Arre)

A volatile summer even with the gods beside Messi. Luis Suarez is gone, Ivan Rakitic or Arthur can not stay at Camp Nou either. When there are no more loyal courtiers by the side, the time of the king’s reign is coming to an end.

The Cules should probably enjoy the time they can finally see Messi playing under Barcelona.

Add a new coach

The club’s instability is reflected on the coaching bench. Ernesto Valverde was sacked, who replaced him as a club legend, Ronald Koeman was unpopular with those supposed to steer Barca in the future.

Koeman began his career as a manager at the Camp Nou in an unwise manner. He pushed Lionel Messi out of the center of the team, almost declaring war with the most powerful “force” at the club.

Looking back at Barcelona's year of the Dog: Ending a dynasty Photo 2
Ronald Koeman had a bad start at Barca. (Photo: Internet)

Koeman’s somewhat confusing tactical direction also caused the team to not achieve the desired results, even though the gameplay was somewhat “interesting” than in Valverde’s time.

Though, The fans still have the hope that the Dutch legend is the right man for Barca at the moment, even if it is not a time when the team may seek glory.

The new generation is ready

Not everything in the year of the Canh Ty was gloomy with Barca. During the transition period, there were still positive points with the emergence of a few brilliant teen prodigies.

A look back at Barcelona's Year of the Mouse: End of a dynasty
Ansu Fati and Pedri, the future of Barcelona. (Photo: Internet)

Ansu Fati continues to set “youngest” records every time he walks on the pitch. And Pedri often reminds people of the image of a magnificent Iniesta ever since moving to Barca from Las Palmas.

Regardless of the end of this season, the New Year will see these young talents continue to sublimate to become a new hope, opening a new dynasty for the team that is too used to relying on. stepping on Lionel Messi over the years.

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