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Enable Vietnamese typing mode available on Mac OS X


On the Mac OS operating system that has a built-in standard Vietnamese percussion, you do not need to install any Vietnamese typing software, just turn on that feature. For better understanding, please follow our article below.

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To be able to type Vietnamese on the Mac operating system, you absolutely can install Vietnamese percussion for Mac such as GoTiengViet for Mac or other Vietnamese percussion. But with this article we will guide you to use the Vietnamese percussion that is built into the Mac OS, for your reference.

Enable Vietnamese typing mode available on Mac OS X

Step 1: You click on the Apple Apple Logo, select System Preferences (Picture below)

Step 2: Here you click Keyboard

Step 3: You go to the card Input Sources and Click “+“(Picture below)

Step 4: Here you choose Vietnamese then select the input method such as Telex or VNI …. and click Add to add (Figure below)

Step 5: Results after adding percussion outside the desktop

Thus, with the above instructions, you can completely use Vietnamese typing right on Mac OS X without having to install any percussion. Otherwise you can also use GoTiengViet for Mac to install and use normally on your MAC operating system.
When using the Chrome browser to surf the web, watch movies, you are looking for a phrase in Vietnamese but cannot write accented Vietnamese, at this time the computer has encountered an error that cannot type Vietnamese in chrome. There are many ways to fix the error of not typing Vietnamese on chrome that you can check on Taimienphi to fix it yourself.



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