'Emojiptia' BTS Jimin,'Purple Heart' and most mentioned member 1st place

‘Emojiptia’ BTS Jimin,’Purple Heart’ and most mentioned member 1st place


BTS Jimin has been identified as the representative runner of the purple heart that symbolizes BTS and is attracting attention.

‘Emojipedia’, a search site for’Emoji’, an image that expresses emotions on a computer or mobile phone, and is treated as a single text, released the ranking of the most used heart colors on Twitter on the 11th. .

According to’Emojipedia’, the color of the heart that is most used on Twitter around the world is red, and the purple heart, which is mainly used by BTS and fandom ARMY, ranked third.

In the detailed analysis of purple hearts, Jimin ranked 3rd (56th overall), which is the highest ranking among members, following the 1st BTS and 2nd ARMY.

In particular, the yellow heart, which symbolizes Jimin’s solo song’Serendipity’, was also ranked high, giving an indication of the worldwide explosive mention of Jimin.

Jimin’s BTS mentioned that’Dynamite’ and’Life Goes On’ in last year’s Billboard’Hot 100′ chart achieved great achievements that set a mark in the Korean popular music industry. It can be assumed that the amount was also hotter than any year.

In view of this, it is analyzed that among about 6.7 billion K-pop-related tweets on Twitter around the world in 2020, BTS is the most mentioned K-pop artist, especially the role of member Jimin at the center.

Jimin continued his unrivaled global reputation as an individual by steadily mentioning even foreigners, who are new to K-pop, so that new words such as’I don’t know K-pop, but Jimin knows’ and’The man on Twitter’ appear on Twitter. It is raising the status of the team and K-pop.

Reporter Kang Seok-bong ksb@kyunghyang.com

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