Elite gathered at CPAC 2021, the strong return of the Republican Party

Elite gathered at CPAC 2021, the strong return of the Republican Party

Right-wing Political Action Conference 2021 (CPAC) opened in Orlando, Florida on February 26. Republican politicians focus on issues related to eradication culture and many other topics. Former President Trump will also deliver his speech on the last day (February 28).

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The theme for this year’s 4 CPAC days is “America was not wiped out”(America Uncanceled). This annual event brings together many important conservative members, including potential Republican presidential candidate – former Secretary of State Pompeo and Florida Governor DeSantis, Senator Cotton, Holly, Cruz, etc. Former President Trump’s speech on the last day will undoubtedly be the focus of the entire conference. Former Vice President Pence declined the invitation to attend, while Senate Republican Leader McConnell did not receive the invitation.

This year’s conference will focus on major legislative issues, including freedom of speech and religion in the First Amendment, the Fifth Amendment, the Bill of Rights, etc., as well as the crowd. and street violence, leftist eradication culture, election protection methods, and the threat of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), how the CCP overthrew the United States and other diplomatic matters. .

The highlight of the first day

On the first day of the CPAC, the speakers talked about the extermination culture, the CCP, the technology giants (Big Tech) and the Governor of New York Cuomo, who was caught up in a harassment scandal. sex. Almost everyone showed loyalty to former President Donald J. Trump.

Donald Trump Jr., Trump’s eldest son, has criticized the incumbent President Biden’s leftist policies, Big Tech’s censorship of Republicans and the typical double standard of right-line media. .

Trump Jr. has criticized Mr. Biden’s first 30 days as a disaster. For example, they did not implement an epidemic blockade but opened their borders to illegal immigrants; Instead of cutting the Russian oil pipeline, they cut the Keystone oil pipeline between the United States and Canada.

Trump Jr. pointed out that Mr. Biden “surrendered to the CCP “,” Where is Hunter Biden? “, I believe he is currently making billions of dollars in accommodation China.”

He mentioned how tech ‘giants’ try to block conservative media and encourage Republicans to stand up and challenge major media outlets like CNN for spreading false information.

Trump Jr. revealed that former President Donal Trump’s speech on Sunday bolstered the movement “MAGA – Make America Great Again “ is “Republican future.“He told Fox News before the CPAC meeting that Mr Trump is still the future of the Republican Party.”

Another bright spot was the newly appointed 25-year-old Senator Madison Cawthorn, who warned that Democrats wanted to make America “the ashes of the Communist Party. ”

“America is on a path closer to socialism. It is not enough to maintain the status quo and wait patiently for the reversal of the Republican Party.“Cawthorn argued that Republicans had to stand up to fight and save America.

Florida Governor’s Opening Speech

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, considered one of the potential candidates for the 2024 presidential election, stepped onto the stage to give the CPAC opening address. He paid homage to the late Conservative icon Rush Limbaugh, the radio presenter with the highest number of listeners in America, who had just passed away at the age of 70.

  • Rush Limbaugh – the owner of the Talk Show most listened to in America – died at the age of 70

“Mr. Rush Limbaugh has shown his courage many times,” Mr. DeSantis said. “Rush was one of the first to fight against the culture of obliteration. Rush shows that going against the left requires strength, but without a spine conservativeism is bound to fail. ”

DeSantis has inspired his colleagues in the spirit of Limbaugh: “I think Rush showed us this, but especially now, there is a price to pay for getting in the right direction.” “You can be attacked, you can be smeared, and you can even be rejected by left-wing political institutions… When the left comes behind you, will you stay strong or Will you compromise? ”

DeSantis welcomes participants from other states to “oasis of freedom“Florida and state congratulations”SunlightFlorida dodged it “Oppressive blockade” during the epidemic.

“In Florida, schools are open, everyone has the right to make a living, and all businesses have the right to operate. Thanks to this leadership, Florida has become stronger and the people of Florida are happier, ” he said.

He also mentioned that he promoted the integrity of the 2020 election in Florida: “In Florida, your vote is very important. We will continue to conduct transparent and trust procedures. “

DeSantis also bravely fought against the tech giants’ speech censorship, said he was ready to act against Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, signed a law against political censorship and put the protection of personal data into law. “In Florida, we won’t let the terms of our country’s debate be set by Silicon Valley tycoons,” Mr. DeSantis stated.

Finally, Mr. DeSantis lays out his vision for the future of the Republican Party.

“We can not. We will not go back to the days when the Republicans were not formed. ” He said: “We refuse to open our borders and support instead American sovereignty and American workers. Building action on the basis of amnesty and cheap foreign labor is like building a house on quicksand. We deny weakness in the face of threats from China, including its actions in international trade. We reject military adventurism [và] instead advocating for a solid defense for the sake of protecting our nation and its people. ”

The Governor concluded: “When you’re on the front lines of the battle, keep your front lines, keep your stance and never step back.”

Senator Ted Cruz: Mr. Trump is not going anywhere

Sen. Ted Cruz stressed that the Republican Party is a working-class party and announced that former President Trump will continue to play an important role in the Republican Party.

Mr. Cruz is a two-term senator for the Texas Conservative Party and may be the candidate running for president of the Republican Party in the future. He portrayed President Trump’s four-year term at the White House, the Republican Party transformed into a populist portrait.

The Republican Party, he said, is not just a country club, but also old workers.

Mr. Cruz was a direct rival to Trump in the 2016 Republican primary election, but later became one of the president’s greatest allies in Congress under the Trump administration. Mr. Cruz said that the Democrats “Wants you to leave.”

“Now let me tell you: Trump is not going anywhere”Mr. Cruz said, the audience stood up and applauded over the announcement.

Cruz also believes that the Republicans will retake a majority of the House and Senate in the midterm elections of 2022 and recapture the White House in 2024. “Mr. Biden and his radical activists were overactive. They went too far. Their policies were ineffective and it was a disaster. They are destroying our employment opportunities and depriving us of our freedoms. “

  • TNS Cruz said at CPAC: ‘Donald Trump is not going anywhere’

Rep. Matt Gaetz: The link between Big Government and Big Tech creates a huge potential threat

On Friday, in a speech, Congressman Matt Gaetz warned Americans that censorship and the abolishment of important conservative voices by the Big Government and Big Tech would create as a growing threat, at the same time he notes that these ever-growing institutions will “Strangle even the weakest dissident whisper.”

Matt Gaetz said: “When Big Tech and Big Government cooperated, the United States became more like China (CCP).” He warned: “If we win the debate but lose the Internet, we will be the last great generation of the United States.”

He criticized the left and even some Republicans for using American blood and wealth to foster democracy in the Middle East but failed to protect constitutional rights in the United States. “Twitter terms of service can never be more important than the values ​​underlying our Constitution,” he said.

He called on conservatives to help set one up “Culture of free speech” in the United States, it is difficult for those in power in the government to use technology to suppress conservative positions.

Mr. Matt Gaetz pointed out that the Joe Biden administration included revolving doors to some of the biggest tech figures to set up a “Unified system.” He used the CCP as an example to illustrate the dangerous force that produces consequences “Captive capitalism”, formed by links between business and government. “When they can remove anyone for any reason, there is no one or any measures to stop it.”

In the end, Mr. Gaetz declared himself a proud member of “The American movement first“, And will fight to protect freedom of expression.

He said: “The American Movement will never sell off foreign or special interests at home first, our citizens must first.”

TNS. Marsha Blackburn: Subjugate or they will wipe you out

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