Elf Wen is busy getting beautiful, his ex-boyfriend and fans are in love? The chat records are exposed super ambiguous

Elf Wen is busy getting beautiful, his ex-boyfriend and fans are in love? The chat records are exposed super ambiguous

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There are many internet celebrities who like to share their relationship status on the Internet, and the show of affection between handsome men and beautiful women can often attract the attention of many netizens. The love affair between the net celebrity Wen Elf and his ex-boyfriend also showed off their affection on the Internet, but the two eventually broke up.

Elf Wen has a very good personality. When the short video first became popular, she attracted many fans on the Internet with her unique way of complaining. With high-quality funny scripts, Elf Wen has more and more fans. Because of her good looks, many netizens like watching her videos very much.

Wen Elf’s ex-boyfriend, Northern Lieyang, is also an Internet celebrity, but his number of fans is much smaller than that of Elf. After two people fell in love, they often shared their daily routines on the Internet. Because of their girlfriends, Lieyang in the north quickly gained a wave of fans, and many netizens felt that he had climbed the top.

Both of these two people have very high looks, and frequently show affection, so many netizens have eaten a wave of dog food. When the scholars were talking about CP, they didn’t know why the two broke up. Elf Wen kept silent about the reason for their breakup, and fans speculated that the reason for their breakup might be unpleasant.

After the breakup, Elf Wen is still sharing high-quality content in his videos. Some time ago, he generously admitted on the Internet that he had a facelift and his appearance became even higher than before. Many netizens said that Lieyang in the north would regret her appearance now.

However, recently, there was a Southern Lieyang equal to fans posting screenshots of their chats, which looked rather ambiguous. Everyone suspected that Southern Lieyang would fall in love with his female fans. Judging from the content posted by this fan, they have not only shut down each other, but the Lieyang in the north often likes her activity.

The two people often say goodnight to each other when they are chatting. Lieyang in the north also calls this fan stinky treasure, which shows that the relationship between the two people is very close. While netizens were all speculating that they were about to make an official announcement, Lieyang in the north stood up to refute the rumors. He said that this was only an interaction with fans, not a relationship.

However, many netizens cannot accept his explanation. After all, the content of the chat between two people does not seem to be as simple as pet fans. He may not want to affect his career, so he denied it. However, we have no way of knowing the truth of the matter.

This is how Wen’s ex-boyfriend is suspected of being in love with fans. What is your opinion on this matter? Welcome to leave your wonderful comments in the comment area.


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