Electrolux Pure F9 vacuum cleaner assessment: changing the bias of wireless vacuuming - VnReview

Electrolux Pure F9 vacuum cleaner assessment: changing the bias of wireless vacuuming – VnReview

This is a full-fledged vacuum cleaner featuring wireless vacuum cleaners while handling both inherent limitations of this product line: low suction power and poor battery life.

Electrolux Pure F9 is the most advanced wireless vacuum cleaner of Electrolux today. The product has a listed price of VND 16.5 million, a relatively high price in the wireless vacuum cleaner line. In return, this vacuum cleaner has a very flexible design, which is equipped with many features that make it convenient for vacuuming and especially has a strong suction power as much as conventional cordless vacuum cleaners.

Flexible design, many suction heads

Electrolux Pure F9 has black and white tones, is well-finished so it looks elegant and elegant, suitable for modern family spaces. If you like stronger colors, this product also has another color option, cyan.

The design of the machine has the familiar tree design of wireless vacuum cleaners but looks a bit shorter and stout. It has a length of about 0.85 meters but it has a button that allows flexible height adjustment, which can be extended up to 1.2 meters depending on the height of the user or when it is needed to be sucked in positions High, deep inside the bed, under the table or under the cabinet.

Flexible height adjustment

The product has 2 ear handles: the upper handle is used when sucking flat surfaces and handles in the middle of the body to make it easier to vacuum on shelves, blinds or overhead positions. The upper handle is arranged with 3 buttons, the power button, power up and down button and automatic button when using the machine, it will analyze the surface to give the appropriate capacity. These buttons are placed in a very convenient position and easy to press when vacuuming on the floor surfaces. But when holding the hand to suck on the high shelves or blinds, the position of the power button and increase or decrease the power placed in the upper handle will be a bit inconvenient.

Power button, power up and down button and automatic dust button are located right on the handle

The second handle in the middle of the camera body to hold while smoking on a table or curtain, bookshelf

Electrolux Pure F9's dustbox is made of clear plastic material, seeing dust inside so it is easy to know when to dust. This dust container has a capacity of 0.7 liters, simple to remove and also washable. There is a filter in the box, when the air is drawn through the filter to ensure the air is clean air. This filter is an EPA filter of 12 and according to the manufacturer it can filter micro particles of size from 0.3-2.5 µm.

Dust container can be removed easily

The center of the camera has a control panel that displays information about battery life and running power.

Table display on the camera body

The Electrolux Pure F9 connector part is also very versatile, can be connected to many attached connectors to attract different surfaces. Removing and installing connectors is easy thanks to the click. Accessories included in the case include 4 suction heads and an extension tube.

Accessories included: 4 suction heads and 1 extension tube

In particular, the default suction head is a hard floor suction mat and carpet, which can rotate in a flexible direction. The front of the suction head also has 10 lights to suck in the dark area easily. When used with this nozzle, the machine can be erected at a 90-degree angle, very convenient when you need to rest or clean up the furniture during the vacuuming process.

The default suction head has easy, multi-directional rotation

The second end is called a BedPro Power nozzle by the manufacturer to vacuum the bed or carpet. This nozzle also integrates UV rays to kill bacteria during vacuuming. Notably, the manufacturer also integrates the sensor so that when lifting the suction head off the surface, the UV light will automatically turn off, not worrying about the user's health.

BedPro Power nozzle to absorb bed and carpet of sofa, UV light to kill bacteria

The third suction head is a round nozzle with a brush that has both brushed and vacuumed on the table and chair surfaces, TV shelves or crevices. Similar to the round suction head, the fourth nozzle also has brooms but is longer for vacuuming in elevated positions such as blinds or bookshelves. In addition to the suction heads, Electrolux also provides an extra long end for 2 chained suction heads for suction in high positions.

Brushed round suction head brushed and vacuumed on tables, slots

Long suction head with broom for vacuuming on curtains, bookshelves

Long end for two suction heads with brooms

The product case also has another accessory, the charging dock. According to the manufacturer, the full charge time for this vacuum cleaner's Li-ion battery is about 6 hours. The charging process will show the charging status of the battery display panel and stop charging when the battery is full to ensure safety. Also according to the manufacturer's specifications, the machine can absorb an area of ​​about 80 square meters per charge, equivalent to about 1 hour of operating at low power, 30 minutes at medium capacity and 17 minutes if smoking at Maximum capacity.

The charger goes through a vertical charging stand and the charging time is 6 hours

Overall, the flexible design of Electrolux Pure F9 provides a very effective suction experience. The machine can easily reach every corner of the house, including deep and dark locations such as under the bed, under the table or on elevated positions such as curtains and bookshelves. The 2-handle design also makes it convenient to use on a carpet or to hold on a shelf, desk … However, equipping a large battery and a powerful suction engine also makes weight The device is heavier than conventional wireless vacuum cleaners. This can easily cause tired hands when holding the device to vacuum on the curtain or table top, especially for women.

Electrolux Pure F9 vacuum cleaner video review

Experience the attraction and battery life

Low suction force is a problem that is considered an "inherent" weakness with wireless vacuums. But in the past few years, this is slowly changing, especially with wireless vacuum cleaners in the high-end segment. According to the manufacturer's announcement, Electrolux Pure F9 has a stronger suction power than a vacuum cleaner with Electrolux ZLUX1811 vacuum cleaner with a capacity of 1800W when measured on hard substrates.

In order to evaluate the dust collection efficiency of the machine, VnReview actually used in the house with carpeted areas, wood flooring and ceramic tiles. The results show that the machine works effectively on all three floor surfaces. On the carpet surface, the default nozzle of Electrolux Pure F9 has no trouble with the tests we set: including 20g of fine coffee powder, 50g of sand, a mixture of small debris such as scrap paper, grain rice, beans, chips and pet hair (dogs, cats). The machine only takes a few times to get back and forth to clean up the things we display on the carpet. Pet hair is not stuck as with low-power vacuum cleaners.

Wood floor surfaces and tile floors have similar results. Electrolux Pure F9 only takes a few seconds to clean the coffee powder, sand, debris and pet hair we tested. Attention, the automatic mode of Electrolux Pure F9 also works very well in the ability to automatically adjust the suction power between carpet surfaces and hard floors. In automatic suction mode, the machine usually adjusts suction power on hard surfaces such as tile floors and lower wood floors than carpets. However, in automatic mode, the machine rarely pushes the power to the maximum in manual mode, even when sucking on the carpet. So when sucking on the surface of the carpet with a lot of dirt, you should switch to manual mode to increase the suction efficiency.

In general, practical experience shows that the attraction is no longer a constraint on this wireless vacuum cleaner. The machine is enough to meet the vacuuming needs of families with enough floor surfaces from carpets to different types of hard floors. In particular, the flexibility of not having wires can also be used to vacuum dust in every part of the house such as stairs, shelves, sofas or take out to vacuum for cars, curtains or doors. glasses.

In terms of battery life, the actual usage results are very close to the manufacturer's published figures. The unit can clean up the floor area of ​​about 75 square meters with one charge for about 40 minutes at different power levels depending on the vacuuming surface. The fully charged time for the battery is nearly 6 hours, which is equal to the number given by the manufacturer in the product specification sheet.

Noise measurement when operating

Along with cleaning ability and design flexibility, operating noise is also a factor of concern on vacuum cleaners. In actual use, the noise measurement results by specialized equipment of VnReview showed that the Electrolux Pure F9 emitted no too loud noise, ranging from 76 to 80dB depending on the suction capacity. When running at full capacity, it produces noise levels of about 80dB, equivalent to noise levels outside streets or halls. When the power is reduced to the average level, the noise level also decreases significantly to 78dB, equivalent to the noise level of the hair dryer. Noise levels continue to decrease by another 1-2dB at 76-77dB when the dust collection capacity is reduced to a low level.

When the machine is not operating, the noise level in the room is about 44 – 45dB.

When operating at the lowest power level, the noise level is about 76 – 77dB.

When moving up to the second power level, the noise increased insignificantly from 78-79dB.

Switching to the third level is also the highest capacity, the noise level is about 79-80dB

Auto mode (Auto) has noise level equivalent to the average power when sucking on carpet, fluctuating around 77-78dB. However, in automatic mode, the machine's capacity will automatically change depending on the floor surface.


VND 16.5 million is a high price for Electrolux Pure F9. In return, we will have a wireless vacuum cleaner designed very flexible, elegant color and good finish. The product comes with many suction heads for convenient use on surfaces as well as in the nooks and crannies of families.

Notably, the suction power and battery life of this vacuum cleaner have changed the long-standing bias of wireless vacuum cleaners. The attraction of the machine is strong enough to clean both the carpet surface and dirt that is not as easy to absorb as pet hair. While the battery is enough to suck the whole house 70-80 square meters in just one charge. Noise level is also moderate, not too uncomfortable even when smoking at the highest capacity.

Electrolux Pure F9 vacuum cleaner video review

In general, this is a good option for families who want to buy a vacuum cleaner that promotes usability and efficiency of vacuuming, not too much concern about high prices.

Interested readers can find more information about Electrolux Pure F9 vacuum cleaner here.


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