Electric GROM? TROMOX “MINO” with a small body and great fun

Recently, the electric motorcycle market has become very hot. Not only has Gogoro expanded the layout of battery stations, but BMW has also released the futuristic CE04. Even Ducati, Aprilia, and Triumph have also joined the market.

Despite the rapid development of urban mobility methods, there is still no small electric motorcycle on the market that can have a huge impact on the world. But this time I want to introduce the car model-MINO launched by TROMOX, may be able to cast a shocking bomb on the electric motorcycle industry.

TROMOX is a start-up company from China. It first appeared in the world in a small corner of the 2019 Milan Auto Show. It was also the debut of the cute but a little powerful MINO.

MINO is an Italian design company commissioned by the Hangzhou-headquartered brand to design and develop concepts based on mini motorcycles and sports cars. Therefore, an impressive color scheme appears on the concept car, because for Chinese brands, Blue and yellow are not mainstream colors.

Similar to HONDA’s newly launched GROM, the MINO has more than 30 quick button designs, making it easier for car owners to customize their own MINO. The total weight of this mini electric motorcycle is about 68kg. It uses a motor with an output of 2.5Kw and a power unit with a voltage of 60V and four optional batteries (21Ah, 26 Ah, 32 Ah and 38 Ah).

As long as the rider maintains the speed at around 30km/h, this MINO can ride more than 115km on a single charge. If you don’t care about the cruising range, the MINO’s top speed can reach around 60km/h.

Although this kind of small electric car is mainly for practicality and convenience, TROMOX deliberately launched this fun car in this market, which can neither carry objects nor practical transportation, but has an inverted style. Front forks, disc brakes, etc. not only bring a bit of performance to MINO, but the rider can also directly adjust the output characteristics of the motor through the mobile APP.

TROMOX is currently selling MINO in the Chinese market. The official recommended price starts from RMB 8,966, which is equivalent to about 40,000 NT dollars. As for the Americas that have not yet passed EPA and DOT certification, MINO may not be seen until the end of 2022.

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