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Elago W6: the rack turns the Apple Watch into an iPod

Elago recently introduced the W6 model for the Apple Watch with a design reminiscent of an iPod music player. If you own an Apple Watch, buying a W6 rack for your pet watch is a very valuable option. Elago W6 feels like you're putting an iPod on your desk or bedside table.

Elago W6 currently has two color options, black or white and machined from environmentally friendly silicone material. The W6 front is a design that simulates the iPod's control wheel used to be the trend of the young people in the 2000s. These keys are only for decoration but also help to bring the Apple Watch its own flair. Before W6, Elago also launched the W5 rack model with a design like a Gameboy.

Users will still need the charger for Apple Watch because W6 itself is just a stand. The cut piece of silicone fits nicely into the Apple Watch's surface to hold it tightly, and also allows to keep the charging cable from getting tangled. W6 fits all Apple Watch models and is also compatible with Nightstand Mode.

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Elago W6 is currently sold directly on its order page for $ 15.


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