[Editor’s column]Triumph report Triumph “Speed ​​Triple 1200RS”

In this trial report, Webike motorcycle news editor Sagawa said that the car tested was the “Speed ​​Triple 1200RS”, the top sports street car that Triumph is proud of.

Successfully boosted 30 horsepower and reduced weight by 10 kg.

The eighth-generation, which has been completely redesigned in 3 years, is also the latest model of the Speed ​​Triple 1200RS. It has been redesigned from the engine to the body. Triumph’s traditional water-cooled three-cylinder engine has increased the displacement from the original 1050cc to 1160cc, and the maximum horsepower has also increased by 30ps to 180ps.

The newly designed frame makes the body of this car lighter and more concentrated. The overall weight is reduced by 10kg, so that the weight of the car is reduced to only 198kg. This car looks like a fighter who has exercised his muscles to perfect his body. The chassis of the track version uses a large number of the latest electronic control systems, making the Speed ​​Triple 1200RS the strongest sports street car in Triumph’s history.

From the ancestor of the heroic style to a more fierce style

The author’s first impression of this car is that it is aggressive. It will not only upgrade the equipment specifications, but also the shape will become more aggressive. Since the first generation of the ancestor of the Titans came out in 1994, the Speed ​​Triple series has always focused on the rugged and sturdy styling of the big man, but the new model launched this time has reduced the excess fat and has become more stylish and stylish The positions of the lights and handles have also been lowered a lot, and the forward riding posture has become more emphasized.

Although the displacement has increased towards 1200cc, the size of the car body has become more petite, which is like the feeling of letting the whole car focus on the engine and the center of gravity. In addition, the position of its center of gravity has been re-adjusted to a low and biased position to the front wheel, so the sporty riding style has become more intense. The front and rear of the car body are cut short, which emphasizes its “heavy feeling.”

After actually sitting on the straddle, you will find that the 830mm seat cushion is a little too high, and the shock absorber is also hardened, so it will not sink under 1G. The position of the handle is lowered and then widened (the width is changed to 30mm), and the pedals are also slightly moved back. These changes make the overall shape of this European Titan car more aggressive.

Maintaining the characteristics of the three-cylinder engine, the horsepower becomes more powerful

From the figures, we can also see how powerful the new Street Triple is. The power-to-weight ratio (PWR) that can show acceleration and athletic performance is 1.1. The power-to-weight ratio of the top super sports car is about 1.0, but the new Street Triple has been able to approach this figure.

After the actual test ride, the feeling is as powerful as I imagined! To describe this car in one sentence, it is a super sports car without a fairing. As long as it is replaced with a separate grip and then fitted with a full fairing, this car can be transformed into a superbike. The engine with reduced crankshaft counterweight is also very light and sensitive in throttle response.

Although I like the heavy feeling and booming movement of the large NK street car of the old model, the new model rides more like the swooshing feeling of the super sports car.

Both horsepower and torque have been greatly improved, and the output performance has become more refined, and it also retains the unique style of the three-cylinder engine of the previous Speed ​​Triple series. When accelerating, it can show solid torque from low to medium speed.

The goal is to keep pace with the superbike on the track

Its handling performance has also become more mature. Compared with the leisurely feeling of the large NK street car of the old model, the new model does not seem to have a displacement of 1200cc at all. The chassis equipment is also equipped with the same equipment as the flagship model. The front and rear shock absorbers are all the top products of Ohlins, and they are all exclusive designs.

The front and rear brakes also use Brembo products. The brake lever not only uses a span lever but also an MCS system (Multiple Click System) that can adjust the lever-to-bar ratio. The standard tyre is equipped with no grooves on the shoulders, almost the same as the bald tyre (Metzeler) RACETEC RR, without any hesitation, using the same level of equipment as the racing car.

On the whole, the goal of the new Speed ​​Triple should be to have a performance that rivals that of super sports cars on the track. This is mainly because Triumph’s current models lack a super sports car with a displacement of 1000cc, so the new Speed ​​Triple must be used to fill this gap. Moreover, Triumph has accumulated a lot of technical knowledge in Moto2 after all.

Therefore, it will even make people think that whenever Triumph launches a full fairing model based on the new Speed ​​Triple, it is not surprising at all.

Advances in electronic control systems make street riding safe and easy

There has also been a lot of progress in electronic control devices. As long as the 5-inch TFT display is turned on, you can see a 3D-like dramatic performance, and the beautiful picture can definitely make the rider ride more aggressively. There are five settings for the riding mode, namely “SPORT”, “ROAD”, “RAIN”, “TRACK”, and “USER”, which can be easily switched by the switch on the left even when traveling.

The changes in the riding feeling brought about by different modes are also very obvious. If you choose the “RAIN” mode when riding more leisurely on urban streets, the horsepower output will be suppressed, and the throttle action will become soft and smooth. If you choose to weaken the four scales on the damping side and the compression side of the rear shock absorber, you can greatly reduce the vibration caused by the road conditions and make the riding feel better.

By the way, the front fork preload adjuster can be adjusted as long as it is gently turned by hand. This is definitely a very convenient design for outings. In addition, the electronic quick shift, which has become very common now, corresponds to the up-down gear. In addition to starting and stopping, the clutch is basically no longer needed. The cornering ABS system and tracking control are also standard equipment, and all kinds of equipment are very complete. Although the horsepower is amazing, it is also equipped with various assisting riding systems, so the rider can safely concentrate on his riding.

The new Speed ​​Triple can be said to be a fighter specially built for sports riding. With the style of the NK street car and the super sports car side by side, as long as you seize the opportunity and want to win, this car is most suitable for the rider who wants to realize this dream with a three-cylinder engine and a Triumph car. Tired of its little brother Street Triple, people who want to challenge higher goals are also very suitable for this car.

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