[Editor’s column]Test ride report HONDA “GB350”

The author recently participated in the media test ride of HONDA’s new car “GB350”, and I will report to you my thoughts after the actual test ride.

HONDA’s purpose for developing the GB350 is to create a car that can enjoy the “freedom” riding pleasure that a motorcycle is born with, regardless of the amount of experience and skill of the rider.

The shape of the GB350 is based on the concept of “heavy and slender”. It is characterized by adding a sense of heaviness and a “slender” body shape to the traditional simple style. From the fuel tank to the front and rear soil removal and the side covers are made of high-quality steel.

An air-cooled single-cylinder engine model developed by HONDA in Japan

And its most important part is the newly developed air-cooled single-cylinder SOHC engine with a displacement of 348cc. Very particular about the pulsation of the engine every time it breaks out and the exhilarating exhaust sound waves, so it is deliberately adjusted to a long stroke setting of 70mm bore x 90.5mm stroke, through a gearbox with a wide gear ratio and a certain weight The flywheel allows this car to produce extremely viscous torque at low speeds.

The car body is also redesigned to match the engine, and it uses a steel tube half-double cradle frame with a traditional shape and a certain rigidity balance. Equipped with the ABS system, tracking control system and sliding clutch that are common in modern motorcycles, it allows the rider to enjoy the fun of riding safely and easily.

The GB350, a global strategic vehicle for the main printing market, is developed by Asaka Research Institute. Parts are produced in India and are delivered to HONDA’s Kumamoto factory, the highest quality factory for assembly.

The “GB350 S”, which is expected to be sold in July, is based on the GB350, using wide tires, exhaust pipes with increased inclination, and lightweight plastic soil removal and front fork dust boots. In addition, the lower position of the handle and the use of accessories such as the pedal backward shift kit have made this car more sporty.

With 19-inch tires and vertical cylinders, beautiful sound waves are played by iron bumps

This time I was fortunate enough to try the standard “GB350”. The first impression is that this car is quite large. The front and rear 19/18-inch large-diameter wheels and the fuel tanks that expand to the sides are quite present. The expansive side cover and the front and back soil removal made of thick iron plates, as long as you tap it with your fingers, there will be a crisp and pleasant sound of iron pieces.

The cut surface looks gleaming, the vertical cylinder with the unique fins of the air-cooled engine, and the outer cover of the electric disk with the classic “HONDA” logo, etc. These parts are more textured and more handsome than the photos. .

Absolutely no engine can be more single-cylinder than it

As long as you press the button lightly, you will hear HONDA’s classic engine start sound as soon as you start the engine, making people awake immediately. Once you start Blipping, as the explosion sound, you will immediately hear the courageous single-cylinder engine exhaust sound, letting you fully feel the pleasant sensation of granular agitation.

Even if you don’t open the accelerator, but just carefully engage the clutch, the car can start moving smoothly immediately. The torsionally viscous engine, coupled with the tilt angle comparable to that of an off-road vehicle, these features make it easy to handle whether it is starting on a narrow road or starting while turning.

The real highlight of the GB350 is naturally its engine. Pleasant beating, deep and moving agitation, etc. Almost all the comments used to praise the single-cylinder engine can be directly applied to it. It can be said that it is the best single-cylinder engine. Because I want to feel the agitation of its engine too much, whether it is riding on the street or on a mountain road, people unconsciously want to lower the speed and ride in the high gear.

There is no motorcycle in the current model that has an engine that is more like a classic single-cylinder engine. Even in this era, even if it is deliberately built into a motorcycle with such a long range, it still won’t. Change this situation.

No matter where you ride, you can be at ease

In terms of riding posture, it is a more classical type, with the wrist extended to the raised handle near the front of the body, and sitting relaxed on a flat cushion with excellent comfort. The upper body of the knight is very straight like the cylinder, and it feels like a “young master” sitting on it, sitting very relaxed and natural.

In addition, of course, there are also ways to make the kind of sports riding posture that has appeared before, such as bending the wrist, tilting the body slightly forward, moving the upper body actively, tilting the body quickly, and then placing the hand on the accelerator and using it. Wheel tracking control system to turn this posture.

Having said that, because of the 19-inch front wheel frame, this car has a high degree of stability when moving in a straight line. The angle of the forward angle also allows the rider to tilt the car flexibly, plus a relatively large steering device offset. It is absolutely possible for the rider to control with confidence, boldness and calmness. When the road is uneven and the whole car is swaying, you can feel that it absorbs the vibration steadily, which makes people very satisfied. Whether you are a novice knight or a senior veteran, no one should hate “this feeling”! It is like a Japanese set meal that does not burden the stomach even if it is tasted every day, and this is exactly its characteristic.

Another point is that because the GB350 uses a slip clutch, its clutch is very light to operate. The powerful engine brake common in large single-cylinder heavy machines can effectively reduce the chance of rear wheel lockup. Especially when going downhill and other sections, you can directly downshift without being careful. The front and rear disc brakes are also easy to operate. Even if an accident occurs, the ABS system will naturally intervene, so there is no need to worry about it at all.

Relatively conservative in terms of specifications, the electronic control device only uses the most basic configuration, even the tachometer can’t even be seen, but this is also its big selling point; don’t judge a person’s quality from the surface, the GB350 is just one. Taiwan includes brand-new cars that are fully integrated into this contemporary trend.

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